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S197 , P0345... engine rattling... any help would be great

Discussion in 'The Greasy Spoon' started by Atomic762, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Atomic762

    Atomic762 New Member Established Member

    Jun 19, 2015
    Hey guys, ill try to summarize as best as i can. Recently my 08 mustang gt (mods intake, full exhaust, tune) started randomly making a loud engine rattle noise, started out just when I would come to a stop or below 3k rpms but then got more frequent, I pulled codes and got p0022 (timing over retarded bank 2) and p0345 (cam position sensor A circuit bank 2)... after doing lots of research i thoight it was the vct solenoid or cam phaser, needless to say I changed them both out and problem didn't go away so I thought maybe the timing chain was off or a broken guide...so I ordered a whole new timing kit and changed the timing chains, tensioners, guides etc., and still the same loud engine rattling/shaking noise is still there. After changing all above parts the p0022 code did go away but the symptoms and p0345 code is still there (also for some reason my gauges started acting up) oh also I did change out both cam sensors and the alternator (spark plugs are only 6 month old) So after much labor ive replaced everything I've thought it could have been but nothing has helped, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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