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Steeda Global Vehicles

Discussion in 'Front Page Articles' started by EditorTurner, Apr 14, 2016.

By EditorTurner on Apr 14, 2016 at 7:29 AM
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    Worldwide Drive
    Steeda brings its serialized performance vehicles to customers around the globe
    By Steve Turner

    With the introduction of the 2015 Mustang Ford set its sights on making our favorite Pony car a performance car for customers around the world. It’s only natural that those in the business of making the Mustang faster would follow in those tire tracks.

    Just days before the Mustang’s birthday, Steeda Autosports announced that it is launching a new Global Product Sales Network designed to offer serialized vehicles at select Ford and exotic car dealers worldwide.

    “This is a tremendous opportunity to take our global network to the next level,” said Dario Orlando, President of Steeda Autosports. “The Steeda Serialized Performance line of vehicles are some of the best and highest performing vehicles available in the market today!”

    With a 28-year history of maximizing the performance of Ford vehicles, Steeda not only offers serialized versions of the Ford Mustang, but the company also offers Steedafied versions of the F-150, Focus ST, and Fusion. Now all of these vehicles will be available outside North America.

    “A dedicated team of Steeda Sales Professionals will aggressively be working with and certifying select Ford and Exotic/Supercar Dealers worldwide,” says the company. “Their charter is to grow the worldwide network of certified Steeda Performance Dealers who will share in the same core values that Steeda Autosports has worked to established over the past 28 years—selling an array of vehicles that offer enhanced exclusivity, dramatically improved performance, substantial substance and increased value that performance driving enthusiast desire.”

    The certified dealers selling Steeda vehicles will be authorized to service Steeda vehicles under the company’s three-year/36,000-mile warranty program. To learn more about these performance rides or find out how to become a dealer, visit the Steeda Vehicles website.

    This month Steeda is launching its Global Product Sales Network, which focuses on selling serialized vehicles, performance parts and accessories to Ford and exotic car dealers across the planet.

    For most of us reading this, a stock Ford isn’t enough. Now customers worldwide will be able to purchase a hotter Focus ST, F-150, Fusion or Mustang from Steeda Vehicles.


Discussion in 'Front Page Articles' started by EditorTurner, Apr 14, 2016.

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