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  • Hey 01bluesnake, I just saw the post about the relocation of the fuse box and ecm. I want to start this project on my own and was wondering what size gauge wiring and how much of each to complete this.
    Thank you
    Hey I seen you post where you relocated the abs and wanted to know If I could get more info on how you did it
    Have some questions about your old true blue mustang. Been a while since I found the forum from 2012..
    I have a brand new cj manifold. Can you port this for me before I install it and get it tuned? Also how much to port it? Feel free to shoot me a txt. 512-738-3358

    Thanks, Daniel
    Hi. I do still offer the CJ CAI. I can't pm you due to you not having enough post. The CAI is $300 for an M6 and $310 for an A6 trans plus shipping. Feel free to send me a email at [email protected] Thanks
    I see in a below visitor message it says it costs $120 to port an intake? Is that with shipping? I have a Boss intake that needs porting. I am located in OKC, OK
    Hi. I have done the manifold porting for members on here as well as local guys. For the port work i charge $120, and takes a day to do.
    Hey man,
    Been lurking around svtp for a while but never post so I can't pm. After a lot of reading, I was considering an attempt at some port work on the boss intake I just got, but afraid I'm going to mess the thing up lol. I saw several posts that say you have done this on the side for people. Is this something you still do? If so I'd be interested and wonder what you charge. I'm also in the Chicago burbs.

    I just your post with your e/t and some of your videos. Do you have any issues with your 15" rear wheels clearing the brakes or did you have to go with different rotors. I am wanting to something like that with my car. I was also wondering where you found your 2step controler and when your driveshaft failed did it damage anything. I am wanting to brake into the high 10's low 11's this spring and this is the first car i have ever tried this with. I am running stock block with cat back bassani exhaust, jlt intake with a boss manifold, a 100 shot and 3.73's. I have lost the back seat and I am now trying to find out all i can about getting the power to the ground. I want my car to pull the front wheels. any info you could give me to help me would be great. Your car looks sweet and runs very well. Thanks
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