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    T56 Antivenom Mod 03 Cobra.

    Three transmissions with this mod with no issues. Last one has over 20k miles since I did it.
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    Procharger P1SC-1 from a 2013 3.7 Mustang

    FWIW, you can open the case and change the position of the oil slinger if need be. If it's not in the oil when the blower it mounted things will sieze up quickly.
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    Looking for wheel recommendations for a red cobra

    Would it be possible to have your current wheels stripped and polished? I'm old school. I've been rocking chrome FR500's for years and still love them.
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    Arizona cobra owners

    I'm working on it. I have access to a lift and stuff out there. Perks of having a family of gear heads. Long drive, but the lift makes it worth it.
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    Arizona cobra owners

    I live in San Diego, but visit Lake Havasu a few times a year. Granted I don't usually have the Cobra when I'm there. It's currently out there for work though.
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    Arizona cobra owners

    Might want to add what part of AZ you're in. I'm a part time Arizona Cobra owner.
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    03 cobra rowing gears

    I recently switched to the comfort handle for my MGW. It almost feels too easy to shift. I have the anti-venom mod done as well. I will say it's nice not having to stretch for 3rd and 5th.
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    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Made it most of the way through a header install yesterday. Forgot that the bassanis need a regular bolt for the number 8 primary. And naturally I don't have one that fits.
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    Legal question, sort of

    If you ever get the chance drive a car with a stand alone with good traction control. Whole different ball game. Sorry for messing up your thread, James.
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    Kenne Bell 2.8LC

    We have KB, Whipple, and VMP's around here. Seems to me the similar sized blowers perform close enough to each other that going with aesthics is the best way to decide.
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    Legal question, sort of

    As mentioned, you totally missed the point. I tried to give you an example, but apparently it went over your head. Despite at least two other people agreeing with me you decided you needed to call me out for some reason. Which I don't understand why. I could give you other examples, but you're...
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    What tires to go with ?

    Air them up. They're not a drag radial. I run mine at 32psi.
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    Replacing the caged lower pulley bushings

    Nice fix. I should probably start keeping a closer eye on mine. I really wish someone would come up with a splined drive set up to replace the threaded piece.
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    Help with Suspension, K member and LTH's

    You don't necessarily need an aftermarket K member to install headers. But since most people drop the K member to do the install it turns into one of those "while you're there" kind of things. You can run the BC's. You just need some kind of coilover as MM control arms aren't set up to run...
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    T56 Magnum or Upgraded rebuild?

    Will going with a different brand shifter fix the issue with the seal? Or do they all have that two deal design? I don't actually own a Magnum trans. Just going off what I've read.