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  • Hey you posted pictures of a silver cobra with 19 or 20" 5 spoke silver wheels. Look similar to ROH style. I wanted to know if that was your car and what the specs on the wheels were. Mind you this post was from back in 2010...
    Hey you're F14s you had on the cobra. You had 18x9s and 18x11s. Did you have any fitment issues with the rear subframe bolts?
    Hey I know this will come off as very random but I have a question for you if you wouldn't mind answering. I had seen that you posted a pic of your car on a thread awhile back in 2011 and you had a set of 18" saleens on your car and I think that they look absolutely gorgeous. I was just curious what finish they were? I saw that you said that you had said they were made by wheel replicas but I couldn't tell if they were the hyper black or the black chrome. If you could let me know that would be a huge help! Thanks for your time!
    Hey man saw your thread on restoring 99/01 cobra tail lights. I just bought a set with the same problem, I was wondering how you separated the lenses from the housing. I would like to re paint the chrome on the inside.

    I read your post in a thread about 03-04 cobra cluster lighting issues and I think you mentioned you bought an extra cluster to use for parts to resolve your lighting issues and was wondering if you still have the donor cluster and wanted to sell it. If so, how much would you want for it and are all the parts on it except for the inverter or which parts are gone/bad on it?

    My '04 has a damaged cluster I'd like to try and fix with the spare parts.

    If you dont have it anymore, do you know anyone with spare cluster parts (OEM boost guage, spedo guage etc)?

    I was also curious if the lighting issue is just an 03 issue or occurs on 04 with the same frequency or was it fixed by then?

    I appreciate any help/advice or contact leads you can give me.

    hey, i am thinking about Forgestar f-14s, but have noticed some poor reviews about their build quality. How are yours holding up?
    I just talked to my brother in IN. Could you meet him in Bloomington? If you can i want you vert set please. 832-816-0398. Nino
    Interested in your seats for the convertible. I know that you stated firm at $1500 & you would not ship but that is alittle out of my budget at the moment. I could offer you $1500 shipped to Houston. Please let me know & hopefully I can help you out. You can reach me by phone & I am sure we could work something out. 832-816-0398. Thanks. Nino
    Interested in ur 10.5 cobra wheels? Would u sell just the wheels i have those same tires ready to be mounted.. If so shipping to 67337 business? Thanks
    Where did you purchase you gunmetal saleen wheels? I am in absolute love with them and would like to buy a set for myself.

    i was just wondering if by any chance you would be willing to sell your gunmetal saleen wheels? i really want them for my car, they look amazing on a silver cobra.

    if you are text or call me at 469-579-1811, my names cristian.

    I was wondering if you still have that beautiful Red 10th vert for sale. I saw that you were open to trade , I have a 2002 Mint GT with a full Saleen body kit also with chip foose legend 20" rims. Car is basically stock all I have is a cold air intake and flowmaster exhaust. Can't wait to hear back from you, I would be open to trade car plus cold hard cash.


    whats up dude?? just out of curiousity... are ur wheels the gunmetal finish saleen replicas? They look badass. I have the black chrome 03 cobra reps but got smashed on passenger side early this yr and cant find replacements for them. Was thinking about getting a set like ur's.
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