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    Skrillex-scary monsters and nice sprites guitar cover

    thought this was pretty cool, didnt really expect it to sound like this Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites - Igor Presnyakov - YouTube
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    Got another truck (diesel content)

    Well I made a thread earlier in the year because I bought a new truck: Well I sold that one and got this beast! It's a 2000 F-350 XLT with 140k on the clock full 4in exhaust, intake, and...
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    Got a new truck (powerstroke content)

    Well I Finally bought a new vehicle, I decided to hold off on a new edge cobra for now and sell my grand cherokee and buy this! I am still 19 so I have time lol. Its a 96' 4x4 5 speed! 192k on the clock and only paid 4600 for it :-p so now i still have money to save for that new edge cobra...
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    Loss Brian's Epic Honda Fail is Today's BIG Thing - JUL 23, 2010
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    Late night shots of my buds 1968 Pontiac Firebird! 56k?

    Enjoy. Flickr Link:[email protected]/sets/72157623636258105/ And Doc
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    vortech 2v fuel question

    Well my buddy has a 99' GT that was pieced together and he needs some help. The car has some issues and he is getting it all straightened out. first off its a v-1 vortech with the 8-10psi pulley with a stock fuel pump and no BAP and it has some "precision turbo" injectors but we don't know what...
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    The Blob is in the rap game

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    Some random sports memorabilia I got today

    I was over at my grandparents house today and my grandma was going to sell these at her garage sale in the spring and just gave them to me when I started looking at them. I know one is bill keller but im not sure who the other guy is but here are some pics.
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    HD video on DSLR help.

    I just got a Nikon D5000 and I am wondering how to get the videos on my computer to stay HD or if I am even shooting in HD on the camera. I checked the manual and I couldnt find much but my only guess is that I need an HDMI cable. IDK how many people on here can help I just figured im on this...
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    Indy GT500 owners?

    this is kind of a shot in the dark but I was wondering how many people in Indy area have a GT500? I have about 3 i see on a regular basis and never really get a chance to stop and chat. the three i see are grey/black stripe's, lowered, tinted tails, and a badass exhaust. other 2 are what i can...
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    God why!

    Ford : Mustang:eBay Motors (item 150393196099 end time Dec-06-09 10:26:55 PST) "BBK cold air intake with bigger throttle body. $650,00 Full flowmaster exhaust with BBK ceramis coated headers, H-pipe, flowmaster 40 series muffelers, flowmaster high flow cats. $1,800.00 2.25" pully on...
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    2001 Ford Mustang GT Vert

    Posting for a friend so please leave all inquiries to him. Tim Walker - (home)727-5176 (shop)788-5176 2001 Ford Mustang GT- Car has rebuilt title *not salvage* 47324 Mile's 4.6L 2v V8 Automatic Trans White Exterior With Parchment Top Parchment Leather Interior Drives...
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