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  • How are ya? I'm interested in your front and rear diffuser and was wondering what's the pricing are for the pair. Thanks!
    Hey man. I've recently discovered your custom wings. How much would a black wing run? Car is a 14 gt
    Hey just curious what one of the custom wings would run for my '13 v6 premium. Do you use the factory mount holes on the lid? and how are the struts mounted to the rear panel?
    Are you still doing the colored center caps? If so, I'm interested in Sonic Blue!
    Ill give you 150 shipped for the shifter and I just need it shipped to southern california. Should be cheaper then sending it else where. let me know what you think.
    Were you running that C&L pipe on a vortech charger? If it will work on my procharger kit I'll give ya 110 shipped. I have money in paypal ready to send.
    I'm looking to do the exact same install on my 1997 Cobra and hoped you could answer a few questions for me. Where did you get the oil filter relocation kit that is in the "box" in your picture? Why did you have the a-arms gusseted?

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