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  • Hey do you still have that gt500 thermostat housing you mentioned here? If so, my number is 870-225-3409 if you can message me with the details on it
    Hi, I saw that you had a set of black 13/14 SS wheels in a recent post and was curious what your price is and I also wanted to confirm the width. I don't seem able to PM you, probably because I'm new on here. Thank you in advance.
    Hey, could I give you a call on the supercharger? Or feel free to shoot me a text so I’ll know to answer if you wish to call me (864) 784-4415
    Hey my friend. Messaging you about the whipple gen 4. I had one one order and it was 4-5 months into waiting on back order I canceling due to having my money tied up and I really don’t need a 3.0 for what I’m after so thought it would be the route to take on my 07. What are the details on yours? Thanks
    Noticed one of your conversations about the 2.3 whipple just wondering what's the max hp and boost it could hold
    You have a plate holder for sell?
    Any other items!
    Send me a few pictures
    Hey I’m just curious how much your wheels sold for. I wish I saw that earlier I’m looking for a certain and try to get idea how much they’re going for if I can find them. You wouldn’t happen to know anyone else with a set foe sale would you?
    Last we talked your car was getting work done. Is it up and ready for the street yet? If so then I'd like to check it out. I've still been highly interested just wanted something ready to drive. I don't have your number anymore so message me back if you're interested in a quick sale.
    I noticed you said your car was for sale...what are the details on it? Have a thread? Also, in GA.
    I'm interested in your cobra. I'd like to meet up sometime soon and check it out. If you could message me here with some more information or email me at [email protected] or even text me at 4016125414. Hope to hear from you soon
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