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    Cammed Mach 1 vs Cammed Camaro

    Had a brief run in with this car after a meet. I have no clue what power it makes, but - cammed LS1, intake/exhaust, stalled auto with 3.73s - cammed Mach 1, 356 rwhp, stock gear Both cars had one passenger, the video starts late but its from a stop. 0-140 (neither of us wanted to let out...
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    H/C/I Camaro vs Cammed Mach 1

    Was out with my buddy doing some fishing and lookey there! On the way home we see a guy I know, had a Z28 with an LS1 swap...that decided to go pop. So I turn around and chase him down to see whats up. LoL, well its back together and not playing around this time! I asked him how it ran and of...
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    Mach 1 vs SRT4 1/4 mile for small cash

    Talk about sleeping at the tree... :sleeping: IfKAs2Ue7_w There was a pretty big meet in Newark OH last weekend, this is one of the slow races.
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    bolt on 5.0 vs Cammed Mach 1

    bolt on Coyote vs Cammed Mach 1 Was out tonight with my buddy and stumbled upon a new (2011) 5.0. I followed him a little and could tell it had exhaust on it. He turns onto the highway and I just stay back a little. Once were on and there no traffic I goose it a little and he slows down. We end...
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    Cammed Mach 1 vs 03 Cobra vs 91 LS1 Camaro

    Went to a meet tonight a little farther south of where I usually go and had a few runs. Mach 1 vs 03 Cobra First race is a 40 roll, I honk and take off, somehow I pull right away in 2nd, into 3rd and missed 4th with 2-3 cars. He said he spun so we did another from 60. I start in 3rd at a...
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    Mach 1 vs Turbo Honduh vs Cobalt SS/TC

    bunch of different runs Honda - says its a junkyard motor, b18b 14b, whatever that means. Owner says est 250whp, friend said 290whp. est weight is 2500 pds Cobalt SS/TC - full bolt ons, bigger wheel, e85 Mach 1 - custom cams on stock valve springs, bolt ons All cars had one passenger...
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    Cammed Mach 1 on slicks

    first time at the track with slicks, 2nd time at the track since the cams being swapped. Just bought new Hoosier 26x10 slicks and some 15x10 summit wheels and was able to test them out last. First pass was ironically the best, but I think the track got cold. Only made 4 passes total Mods...
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    Cammed Mach 1 vs big turbo SRT4

    So this is actually against my brothers SRT4, he did bolt on after bolt on, and I still won. I then did cams and uped the game again. He strikes back 3 months later with a bigger turbo and supporting mods. I believe its a Delta 42 on pump gas. On the way home from some other shenanigans he keep...
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    Got my first LS1 kill in the Mach 1

    So the car has been apart forever, over a year. Got it running 3 months ago. Made 356/339 SAE. Since then, ive been having a blast, before it was stock un tuned. Well, recently a bunch of kids in my area have been going back and forth about whos shit dont stink and this and that. Half of them...
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    07 Shelby GT500, super clean, low low miles

    This is my fathers car, the add explains everything pretty well. 07 Shelby GT500, must see, mint Thanks
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    GT500 and Cobra runs, 420hp civic content

    HORRIBLE VIDS! This has been the only thing going on around here lately. GT500- cai/pulley/tune 520 rwhp Red 03 Cobra-pulley/exhaust/canned tune Silver 03 Cobra-whipple/e85 660 rwhp 2011 5.0-intake/exhaust/gear/tune 426 rwhp Civic-unknown mods, 420whp GT500 vs Red 03 Cobra 40-140...
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    07 GT500 vs SRT8 300c vs 09 Z06

    heres how they went down. GT500, pulley, cai, tune, 520 rwhp SRT8 300c, exhaust, intake, 100 shot of nos 40 roll, GT500 in second, 300c honks and they go. Shelby puts 3 cars on him in 2nd and lets out in 4th with a few buses. the spray didnt work right :) Same GT500 vs bone stock 09 Z06...
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    Good night vision camera?

    I tried the search bar and found no good results. What is a good night vision camera that is no more than a few hundred dollars? I need a good camera for those late nights in Mexico. I dont need HD or 40ft clarity in the night. So far this seems to be the best cheap solution, but the reviews...
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    video of my friends GTO/full exhaust

    I made this for him today, LMK what you think. I need a better camera, I know. YouTube - 04 GTO LS1 full exhaust
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    Mach 1 vs GTO vs SRT8?

    who will win at the track? Im friends with the GTO guy, and we both dislike the guy with the SRT8. Mach 1-5 spd, full exahust, shifter, un tuned on DR GTO-LS1 auto, full exhaust, un tuned, cai, UD pullies, 275 street tires SRT8-auto, cat back only on street tires The SRT8 guy thinks his...