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    2003 cobra clutch slipping

    I have 2003 cobra the clutch started slipping when I put on new tires toyo 888r 305 35 18 and did a burnout. I made sure the cable was adjusted right. The stock clutch has about 30,000 miles can I put just the friction disk and reuse my presure plate and stock flywheel if they are smooth. I...
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    clutch slipping 2003 cobra 30,000

    Clutch just started slipping when I tried to do a burnout with new tires toyo 888 proxes made sure the cable was adjusted right. Can I put a new friction disk without putting new presure plate and changing the flywheel don't have the money to do it the rightway. Want to put stock disk with...
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    clutch slipping or out of adjustment

    Bought new toyo 888rs 305 35 18 tires now my clutch is slipping or out of adjustment. How do I adjust my clutch cable. I have aftermarket quadent and firewall adjuster. How do I know when it is adjusted right. Or my new tires to much for my stock clutch with 30.000 miles had bfg 315 30 18 drs...
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    air bags and irs coils spring

    Have 03 cobra with h&r race springs fr500 18x10 with toyo 888r proxes 305 35 18. And it rubs on rear out side 1/4. Can I put air bags in my coils to raise the car up when I put weight in the car kids, cooler and subs. What brand and cost thank Ron my fenders are not rolled afraid of cracking...
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    autometer gauge cluster 10005

    Has anyone used the autometer 10005 gauge cluster. I want to add two more gauges. Already have the sos pilar lunar boost and fuel adding lunar volt and temp looking for that fatory clean look thanks Ron post pics if u can it is the gauge cluster that goes around the stock gauges and ads two...
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    4 wheel alignment cobra 2003

    Need the name of a GOOD shop to get a alignment on 2003 cobra that is lowered with H&R race springs and no cc plates near south subs of chicago thank Ron p.s the name of the shop or phone number.
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    offset rackapinion bushing

    Has anyone had the problem of offset rackapinion bushing rotating and making the steering wheel not straight mine have rotated twice my car has h&r race springs and no cc plates best place to get a alinement on lowered car
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    clutch adjustment

    I have 03 cobra with firewall adj and quardent 30,000miles on clutch how do I adjust clutch cable. How much play in cable at firewall do I want, about 1/4 inch if u pull on cable I was told. When do I want to adjust cable if the clutch is hot or cold or does it matter thanks Ron
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    lowered cobra alignment

    looking a place to get my 03 cobra a alingment car has h&r race springs and no cc plates can the car be alined or do I need cc plates looking for a name of a shop in the chicagoland to do the work area heard somthing about arlington heights for or sutton ford thanks Ron need the name of a shop...
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    lunar gauge

    Best place to hook up volt gauge Do I want battery volts or alt out put. Have subs, big battery and new napa alt sticker on alt 137 amps @6000 . Is a/f gauge worth it or not it's not a wideband it's autometer lunar any pics of lunar a/f gauge lit up would be great thanks Ron what wire do I...
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    deans performance mustang tuning

    Is deans performance still in business in st. charles?? does anyone have the phone number?? I am looking for a place to have an 03 cobra pullied and tuned. thank you
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    alignment lowered 03 cobra

    Best place to a 4 wheel alignment in joliet area on lower 03 cobra h&r race springs. Can it be done without cc plates or do I need them. Ballpark figer on price thanks Ron heard somthing about arlington heights ford
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    Toyo r888 305 35 18

    Aynone running toyo 888r 305 35 18s on 10x18 fr500 with h&r race springs any rubbing or problems when hard corning or dips in the road 03 cobra thanks Ron. Anyone have these tires I bought them they look bigger than my 315 30 18 bfgs dr the bfgs r 25.5 the toyos r 26.2 the bfs were bald to...
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    tires 315 30 18

    lookin for 18in 295- 40s 305- 35s 315- 30s new or used in good shape local plainfield IL thanks Ron
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    Rear tires for 18x10

    Need tires for my 03 sbt. Rims are 18x10 looking something local that I could pick up live in joliet IL 60586 but will travel for a good deal somthing cheap or used in good shape money is tight could trade carpenter work plus cash for tires 25 years exp maybe 295 305 315 thanks Ron