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  • I'm new to the forum and I was trying to pm you. I guess the only way to do that is to add you as a friend? Anyways, I live in The Woodlands I thought I'd get some input about my new Lightning from a local. If you don't mind.
    Hey I think Im gonna have to wait a bit...your price is very fair, its not that...were still in a deep freeze up here in Toronto so Ill wait for that to pass before I bring up a vert :) If you still have the car in a month I will definitely come down to grab it from ya
    Ok cool let me see how that works out with the conversion to Canadian dollars and with the flight and drive back...ill let you know by the end of the day if that works well for me.
    Thanks for the quick reply.
    Hey Im looking to fly down on february 6th but with the flight price and strong US dollar its all adding up for me...would you take $5400 cash USD? If you agree then I will buy my flight ticket for the 6th today. Thanks.
    Thats good. Has the car been dyno'd? tracked? any numbers? I know Im asking you a lot of questions I just need all the info before I come down. I appreciate your honesty with everything. Do you have the receipts for the engine/tranny? Where does the exhaust end?
    How is the missing reverse solenoid affecting the driveability of the car? I will have an opportunity to come down to Houston in a couple of weeks, I hope you still have it till then. Any reason why the car wouldnt be able to handle a drive back up to Toronto Canada?
    Hey, Im interested in the white cobra. Whats wrong with the odometer? does the speedometer work ok? Beautiful vert. Thanks, Alex.
    Hey. I saw how you posted all the pics in your thread. How do you do that? I'm new to the site and can't figure it out. Thanks for any help.

    Beautiful truck by the way!
    Hey I'm currently looking at a 03 DSG Cobra you recommended someone on here by. Well, he's selling it and mentioned I could ask you a little about it.
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