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    WTB- Cobra Rim 17x8 (one rim or a pair-pix inside)

    hey bud, are they 17x9 ? that wont work :( thanks
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    WTB-COBRA RIM 17X8 (Pix Inside)

    Hi Guys, I'd like one or two rims if possible. thanks
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    WTB- Cobra Rim 17x8 (one rim or a pair-pix inside)

    Thanks guys
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    Who Rebuilds and Powder Coats Calipers (Mustang Calipers) >?

    Cobra Calipers and no I havent, but I will now...can you recommend one?
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    Who Rebuilds and Powder Coats Calipers (Mustang Calipers) >?

    I did a search, cant find a larger shop. I dont wanna send them to a dude doing out of his home garage. thanks
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    WTB Two 17x8 03/04 Cobra Rims Preferably in Black or Any Cond

    Doesnt need to be OEM, Can be silver. Needs to be straight. Talk to me whatcha got? thanks pm text or call 3i2 6i9 9489
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    Did they make 03 Rims in 18s?

    Or just 17x9 ? Cobra newbie here btw Thanks Boyz
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    Hi Gabe Here Thanks for looking. No 03's or automatics or any other color than Black. Nothing Built or aftermarket blowers besides factory eaton. Pm call or text 773 443 78 22
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    Cobra Shopping: Does this Look Stock to You?

    Seriously considering this one 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra , $22,950 - Engine looks stock. what yall think? Thanks SVTP Cobra Shoping Advisors :rockon:
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    Average Highway MPG with basic bolt on mods?

    Debating on a Terminator for a Summer Time Daily Driver Whats your highway mpg? Thanks :beer:
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    305 30 19s, 275 40 18s, 275 35 18s

    I got a couple pairs of like new tires. price includes paypal fee and fedex shipping to 48 states call or text me please 773 443 7822 2 like new 305 30 19 Hankook VENTUS V12 evo 10'32s $463 shipped 2 like new 275 35 18 MICHELIN PILOT SPORT PS2 10'32s $406 shipped 2 like new 275 40 19...
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    like new 305 30 19 / 235 35 19 HANKOOK VENTUS V12 EVO TIRES

    less then 50 miles on em they measure 10'32s pm call text me "G" 773 443 7822 I can mount and balance em if ya local thanks G 2 OF THESE $461.00 SHIPPED/PAYPAL INCLUDED 2 OF THESE $316.00 SHIPPED...
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    Pix request: Black Drop Tops.....Lightning guy gonna pull the trigger...

    Thanks for looking boyz..... Gonna get into a Mustang again.....maybe Coupe buy perferable Drop Top... Can I see pixs of your favorite Drop Tops? Thanks :rockon:
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    "F/S OR WTT" Very Nice Black on Black Cadillac Cts $13500.00

    Will sell out right or trade for New Edge Convertible Gt (only) with Cash my way or Terminator Convertible (only) with Cash your way. 2005 Cadillac Cts Black on Black with factory chrome 18inch rims/new tires (under 1500 miles) Automatic trans with 6 cylinders 3.6 77XXX Miles...
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    Aftermarket Pulleys with New Bearings

    2x 100 mm pulleys with new bearings $58 each shipped includes paypal fees 1x 90 mm pulley with newer bearing (less then 100 miles) $52 shipped includes paypal fee pm call or text 773 443 7822