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  • Ya Im pretty sure I got the wrong caps, Ken said he hasnt ran into this issue before. If I let the car sit for an hour it will take a few seconds to crank like air is getting into the fuel rail.
    Ken is doing my tune from Lund racing, i installed them at the top where they meet the fuel rail.
    I would first get ahold of Injector Dynamics, tell them what you have and see if that is normal. If all is good on their end, get ahold of your tuner and tell him exactly what issues you are having. Mine were purple and I never had start up issues. Where did you install the spacers? On top or on the bottom of the injectors?
    Hey I just installed my setup like yours from beefcake and have been having cold start issues and noticed the id1000 caps I got were grey and everywhere I'm looking is supposed to be purple for our application. What were yours and did you ever have any starting issues?
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