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    Drag Radial Suggestions?

    I agree. Hoosier's are a great option. The lack of any kind of tread is a non-issue for me, since the car never sees rain.
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    Cop shoots another cop

    Tragic.. Sad. But most of all........stupid.
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    It’s my money and I want it now!

    The opinions on this are interesting and very one-sided. *Devils Advocate* Harping on the "victim" being a pregnant female and suggesting the intentional "flipping" of the car is ignoring and detracting from the facts at hand. I doubt that he knew who, what, or how many people were in the...
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    What plug wires?

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    H2 Unleashed

    According to this...... all it takes is 13,000 rpm.
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    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    I have two with.......and one with out.
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    Putting a 97 Cobra engine with Vortech in a fox

    The BBK LT's are a good choice. With the T-56, you don't have to remove or loosen the headers to remove the transmission. You just separate it at the bellhousing and remove it as two separate parts. This can also be done with the TKO 500/600.
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    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    Irons on the pistols and red dots on the carbines for me.
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    Steering position change after I sealed rear diff. Help

    Go by the specs mentioned in the written recommendations, not the box of specs at the top of the page. They clearly differentiate their recommendations for street cars and race cars.
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    Steering position change after I sealed rear diff. Help

    Just follow what MM recommends for street car use. They know a little bit about what they are doing.
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    H2 Unleashed

    It's not unusual for traffic to be going 80-85 in the Phoenix area. Some are slower, 75-80, and some are weaving through traffic.
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    H2 Unleashed

    That was on the east side of Phoenix. Looked like the I-10 and the loop 202. Pretty stupid doing that in daytime traffic, considering most people are F'n around on their phones while driving. All that risk and for what, likes on YouTube?
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    Marine Corps Birthday

    One for each year and one to grow on. Happy Birthday.
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    Need help picking a wheel color for my DD

    Don't waste your time and money. Leave the wheels as they are.