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    Wonder HCM still available?

    Wonder HCM still available?
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    Fidanza 96-04 Mustang Aluminum Flywheel (8 Bolt Crank)

    Fidanza 96-04 Mustang Aluminum Flywheel (8 Bolt Crank) Ran it for about 1,000 miles, went auto. I replaced the insert. $250 Shipped + Paypal Fees. Txt me 909-344-9101 IG- Ace_Svt
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    Injector Dynamics ID1000's

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    Injector Dynamics ID1000's

    Bump! Price update $550 shipped anywhere in the USA plus PayPal fees.
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    Injector Dynamics ID1000's

    That’s the lowest I’ll Take shipped anywhere in the USA. Plus PayPal 3%.
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    Injector Dynamics ID1000's

    You will need a tune. Going with a bigger set for the new setup. Had about 1000 miles.
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    Injector Dynamics ID1000's

    BUMP!! Priced updated.
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    Injector Dynamics ID1000's

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    Injector Dynamics ID1000's

    Selling my ID1000's. Recently had them cleaned by RC Fuel Injection. New filters, O-Rings where installed and have before and after flow results. 3 Injectors are stained but doesn't affect the performance of them. SOLD
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    WTB: 03/04 Crank

    Searching for a 03/04 cobra crank in good condition. If you have one plz shoot me a txt to 9093449101. Thanks.
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    03 Cobra stock parts

    All parts off my 03 cobra. 39k miles. Differential cover $ 75 Fuel rails $125 Injectors 39lb $125 Maf 90mm $75 Irs toe links $55 Ic box reservoir $50 Heat Exchanger hard lines. SOLD Bilsteins rear shocks. $135 Everything is Shipped. Include PayPal 3% fees. Pics will be posted tonight. Any...
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    FS: 2.3 Whipple Gen 2

    For sale: 2.3 Whipple Gen 2 ; made 750 on last setup. (Cammed/LT/E85) $2500 obo Located in Ontario, Ca. LOCAL sale only. PM me for details. Thanks.
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    03/04 COBRA Bassani/Flowmaster

    •Bassani OR X Stainless Steel $225 Couple scratches and I ran over a bag so it melted on it. OBO •Bassani OR X with gutted cats, Aluminum $125 OBO • 03/04 IRS Cobra Flowmaster CB Stainless Steel BNIB $450 FIRM Will post pics later on or shoot me a pm. Adrian