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  • $9k on Foxbody. Not trying to offend you. I've just spent so much money in my 2 Terminators lately. Your Fox is absolutely amazing!
    Hi Man, I need your help
    I saw your posts running nitrous did you get dedicated fuel system or BAP for 175 and 200 shots
    I'm running 150 on E85 and I want to run 175 and 200
    How do you like your new set up compared to the jpc turbo set up on your 14? Drivability and everything, I'm sure you had a regular trans before the glide? I'm getting a 2016 and trying to decide what way to go. I plan on mid 10's on pump gas and low 10's on race fuel....
    Hello allkheinz ,,,,, my name is talal i see you have problem on a/f reading on the dash is stuck at 14.0 ... How did you fix it :( i buy new o2 sensor but not working still 14.0
    Amazing stance on your 5.0 vert and 13 GT. Can you tell me what suspension upgrades you have done? Also, are those nt05 tires? I live in Mississauga, where in tontario do you live?
    ill buy it for $400 if i wait 2 weeks but i need to know by 2 weeks its availble or ill be buying from someone else? let me know
    I am interested email me at [email protected] to talk further. Though 3500 is an absurd asking price. If your willing to do it in the 2200-2500 range I will get the rims. Don't want tires just rims. Plus I would need more pictures of them. thanks
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