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  • hey man I was wondering what you had done to your car engine wise because I am starting to work on mine and was wondering what your mods where.
    I have to post a visitor message. I have $15k for the car. I have 16 to spend but the trip from Detroit will cost me about 1k. Not trying to lowball, I know its under what you're asking but it's what I have. I'm just looking for 450+rwhp and a t56 with cold A/c.

    [email protected] is how to reach me.
    Hey Thanks for the advice...I looked up coastal's website, there was just a general email link nothing for sam. I emailed them a couple weeks ago still no reply. Do you have an email for Sam??? My email is [email protected] Thank you
    Hey I am very interested in the Cobra for sale.
    I am having login problems/posting problems and this is the only way to get a hold of you.
    I would not mind driving to Tampa from Orlando to check the snake out.

    Can you email me pics please to [email protected]

    Thanks, Shawn
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