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    Borg S475 anyone?

    Does anyone have any sort of experience with this turbo? I’m trying to plan out a turbo build, and want to keep spoolup as reasonable as possible for a mostly street but occasional drag 6spd car. Specifically looking at the Borg S475 75/96 with 1.15 Hot side as an alternative to the precision...
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    10th Annual SVT Colt State Park meet ??

    Meeting up with a few guys at McDonald’s on rt136 in Swansea,MA at 9am and then heading to this if anyone else local wanted to tag along.
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    2.3 TVS ethanol results

    Also, @Bdubbs you’ll need to source a 5” 45 degree coupler to make the crusher intake work with a TVS & GT500 throttle body combo. I sourced mine on eBay. The crusher intake I got from lethal performance.
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    2.3 TVS ethanol results

    Thanks I like the crusher intake setup thus far. I’m not sure how much of a difference it made power wise because I went with it initially for this setup. I didn’t want to bottleneck the setup in anyway so I sold my JLT and bought the crusher when I bought the VMP.
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    2.3 TVS ethanol results

    I’m awaiting the exact SAE correction numbers, he’s going to send them to me when he gets the opportunity. He said definitely north of 730 which seems about right on par with others e85 TVS numbers I’ve seen without longtubes.
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    2.3 TVS ethanol results

    Pete at Performance Dyno in Loudon, NH
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    2.3 TVS ethanol results

    Still on stock rails. Nothing bad to say about the budget plus system, it’s working out well so far :)
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    2.3 TVS ethanol results

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    2.3 TVS ethanol results

    Just sharing my dyno results. Had the car tuned yesterday. VMP TVS Gen 2 Stock engine Stock manifolds 3.0/4# pulley combo Tuned on VP X85 ethanol VMP GT500 single blade throttle body Crusher intake with GT500 MAF DW 1000’s Lethal Performance budget “plus” return fuel system with 465lph’s...
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    Stock fuel hat & pumps

    Bump still fs
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    FS: New VMP TVS 2.3 elbow/plenum

    I couldn’t say for sure, but I’d imagine it might be possible if you have the patience.