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    Mono blade vs. Twin blade throttle bodies... Which should YOU run?! || Tech Talk

    When I put the CJ manifold on my Boss, I thought about the monoblade but went with the twin blade. Shaun also was my tuner, asked why I didn't get the monblade. I said they say it isn't good for the street. His email reply was "They are wrong." :LOL: Oh yes, pulled hard from 4000 or so, and...
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    Star Wars: Ahsoka

    That's not canon. Deleted scene.
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    Star Wars: Ahsoka

    This show takes place after Return of the Jedi. Anakin was a Force ghost when she saw him as creepily-deaged Hayden Christensen. I haven't watched it but am reading the spoilers. I understand most of this stuff is from Star Wars Legends books, but the space whales are...interesting. Can't...
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    The HARD TRUTH about EVs

    The mandates will just be dropped and no one will say anything. Newsom just flaps his lips for political points, but he's not a stupid guy. He knows that EV-only crap will never fly.
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    2024 F-150 Makes Way More Content Standard | 12" Screen - LED Lights - Digital Dash

    New blistered fenders on the Raptor are kind of neato. The dual valve shocks would be a huge upgrade for my trips through the Starbucks drive thru (and now that leaves are starting to fall off the trees and onto the parking lot at my work, you could say things are getting pretty serious on the...
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    Star Wars: Ahsoka

    I'm not sure if this show has any silly social justice messaging, but I haven't tuned in because the reviews have been pretty weak. I want to like new Star Wars content, but there's more meh than interesting stuff. I always liked Episodes 4, 5, and 6. I was 13 when Episode 1 came out and...
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    Ordered this with your Labor Day sale. Excited to install!
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    My FFR AC Cobra build thread

    Yes, N/A on 91 octane. Yes it's a thicc motor. However, I have seen a 427 SOHC in one, and knowing that a Boss 429 can fit in a car where a 427 SOHC was, I'm guessing it would fit. I can't find a side by side pic, but the SOHC seems wider.
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    My FFR AC Cobra build thread

    Oof, the aluminum-block 600ci Kaase Boss'9 I'm putting in my 69 Mustang is over 15K cheaper and makes 830hp/810lb-ft. SIdenote for OP, that would make a nice engine for one of these Cobras!
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    Wheel fitment on GT350

    I know it's bigger, but I have S550-spec 20x9.5 RTR Tech 5 wheels on my 2020 Explorer and also have GT350 front brakes. These fit just fine, lots of caliper clearance. Cheap if you just need something.
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    1972 Porsche 911K

    I absolutely love the Singer and Gunther 911s. But this is more my style. If I had the money, this would be in my driveway.
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    The HARD TRUTH about EVs

    I haven't been past those So Cal superchargers recently, but last time I drove past the one at Cabazon on the 10 towards Palm Springs the line was huge. With the Tesla stations you can at least assume they are all working properly (not the same with the other generic charging stations) but they...
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    My 03 GT aka Zicke

    Nice build and great story. I can't believe no Cobra owners have posted, asking to buy your taillights!
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    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    But look at those tiny tires. Those plebian F150s might feel it if you hop a curb at the local Starbucks. I can plow right over the drive-thru sign and not even blink!
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    Ford releasing a supercar Mustang Thursday 17th

    Another thing I was thinking about the motor, (not that this matters as I'm going to need a promotion or 2 before I can afford this car) but it's probably a good thing it's using a proven motor. Yes, a 9000rpm NA V8 would be awesome (because a 900hp, 7500rpm Predator is super whack), but we saw...