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  • That's correct I'm located in Adrian mi 49221
    You can text me at 517two60zero539
    I can get ya some pics these two aren't perfect but should hold air alright
    I am very interested in the 16" pony/waffle wheels. Where are you located I'm curious so I can try to figure out how much the shipping will be? You are asking 40$+ shipping for the pair right?
    In case you didnt received my PM...

    Sup man? Hope youre doing good.

    Well, my suspension setup is basic:

    - Steeda sport springs
    - No isos
    - MM HUBCENTRICS 1/2" spacers
    - 03-04 Cobra bilstein struts
    - Tokico Bullitt shocks
    - 18x9 n 18x10 FR500
    - 265/35 n 295/35

    Right now I took off the spacers cause Im waiting for a set of Moroso long studs that I bought. Anything you do regarding spacers, buy them hubcentrics.

    Also, I just bought a set if poly isolators. No isos after almost 9 years is too much. They're making a metal w metal noise that with windows up, is fine, you hear nothing, down the window and it's another story.

    Because I'll be putting new isos, though they're much thinner than stocks (but better quality), the car may go up a little. To counter that, I'll be buying some Eibach Sportlines.

    And thats it man. I have to look for some back pics with the spacers on. The car didnt had the spacers for more than a day. As soon as I find the pics, I'll send them to you.
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