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  • Install was pretty easy, worst part was doing it alone so I had to get under car loosen two bolts get back out put car in N, get under rotate driveshaft, back out back in gear, loosen two more and repeat. With a helper to only do that it would take me less than an hr now. Make sure you get a safety loop, I bought a stiffy loop. I have the dss which uses the stock flang on the rearend side, not sure which beefcake sells.
    I won't be able to make it this Friday (work), but I'd def. like to head out there next Friday night. Is it a weekly thing? Also, just ordered an Aluminum DS from Beefcake. How hard was yours to install?
    The local mustangs in SEVMC meet up at Starbucks at Haygood shopping center and then cruise over to Mc'donald's on Virginia Beach Blvd on Friday nights. You should come by and meet up with us. Usually have 15 or more mustangs.
    Yeah man, I'd love to see what a centri feels like on one of these coyotes. I'm pretty near there. Over near intersection of Dam Neck and General Booth.
    Thanks man! I'm over on Oceana and wondering if they ever run dry on e85. Also thinking about ordering a beefcake special for mine. Hope to order sometime this winter, but may have to wait until next spring. How do you like yours?
    I saw you on the "you pick, I buy" thread mention you're in Virginia Beach and were considering making the switch to E85. I've been looking for E85 in the area, but have only really seen it available at a Navy Exchange. What other stations do you know of in Va Beach who supply E85? Thanks!
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