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    For Sale Pro-M MAF and 36# Injectors

    There is about 40K mikes on the injectors.
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    For Sale Pro-M MAF and 36# Injectors

    Pro-M/Granatelli 80mm MAF calibrated for 36# injectors. New filter. Meter was recently flowed by Pro-M. Ford Motorsport 36# injectors, recently cleaned and flowed by WitchHunter Performance. Pro-M elbow and coupler. Less than 200 miles since cleaned/flowed. $400 for all.
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    Used AC Compressor

    Still available?
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    Looking for a 26 spline RXT
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    FS: Mcleod RST 10 spline Clutch

    I'll take it. PM me your PayPal address.
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    For Sale 2004 Cobra T56 setup

    SOLD For sale T56 setup from 60K mile 2004 Cobra: T56 (10 spline), spacer plate, bell housing, stock clutch, fidanza aluminum flywheel, cross-member, aluminum driveshaft, pro 5.0 shifter, transmission shifts smooth and is quiet, upgraded to a magnum T56 a couple years ago and this transmission...
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    WTB 1993 cobra RHS fender extension

    WTB 1993 Cobra RHS fender extension. Thanks
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    For Sale Whipple 2.3/2.9 Twin Bore Plenum

    For Sale Whipple 2.3/2.9 twin bore plenum only, great plenum for someone looking to replace a damaged plenum or looking to upgrade to a Dragon TB. $250 obo
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    For Sale BBK Twin 65mm Throttle Body

    For Sale BBK Twin 65mm Throttle Body SOLD
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    For Sale Triple Gauge Pillar Pod (Coupe)

    For sale triple gauge pod. $50 obo
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    Can I get a price on M7003M6266? Thanks.
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    Speed Sensor Clip

    I know this is probably a long shot but I'm looking for the clip that holds the speedometer cable in the speed sensor for a 1993 mustang? Entire speed sensor? Speedometer cable for 1993 Mustang Cobra? Thanks.
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    WTT WS6 Trans Am for 03/04 Cobra

    Stock pewter 2001 WS6 Trans Am 6 spd with less than 40K miles. The only thing that has been changed on this car besides the regular serviced items is the SLP air box lid. Runs, drives and even smells like a new car. Car has a clean title. From the pictures you will see a the car is in...
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    Rebuild Kits

    Steve, Can you quote me the price on the following: M-4700-B Ford Racing 8.8 Rebuild Kit M-6003-A50 Ford Racing Engine Gasket Set M-7000-A Ford Racing T5 Rebuild Kit M-7600-A Ford Racing Pilot Bearing M-7548-A Ford Racing TOB Thanks.