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    Fuel prices near you

    Stopped to fill up the F-350 on Friday since I was just under a half tank. This was at the Shell in Buellton, CA. Its about .50c a gallon cheaper than in Santa Barbara, CA.
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    Any dealership parts guys here?

    Been doing Ford and Mazda parts for 15 years. I love it, but it has been difficult the past couple years with all the backorders.
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    "Genuine Ford" part= trash. A rant

    That actual part had a run of failures last year. All leaked at the seam. I had a stack of 6 or 7 that leaked out of the box for one wholesale customer. I usually recommend Mishimoto to customers that want one better than stock.
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    Q & A Session... - Ask a Ford Dealer

    We had someone buy a new Raptor with all the bedside stickers and wanted them taken off.. But ya, you might need to use a little heat to help persuade them off. Then the truck will most likely have to spend a day with a detailer
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    Tremor Winch

    Ford Performance keeps putting them on a longer and longer backorder. I had our sales department screaming at me about one a few months ago. Nothing I can do to expedite one for them, especially when at any given time I have 70+ parts on backorder for my service department and wholesale accounts.
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    Censorship of Free Speech in America

    Isn't CNN going up for sale soon? Would be hilarious if either Trump, or a group with Trump bought CNN.
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    2010 gt 500 injectors have orange stripe

    All the pictures on the Google show an orange stripe for the Ford p/n 7R3Z-9F593-AA
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    Ford parts backorder?

    We have had customers do that also. Normally if other dealers need parts I am willing to sell backorder ones I may have in stock, but so many times I get burned and end up needing it for one of my customers the next day.
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    Oasis Report

    The only warranty work on record is the 16S40 oil cooler hose recall which was done 02May2017 at 2502mi at Bob Bate Ford in Cascade, ID. The open campaign is a warranty extension and will only be done if there is a fault related to the driver's airbag stored in the RCM.
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    Ford parts backorder?

    I have 15 on order and they have been on order since June/July with no ETA. I have been recommending the Mishimoto one to customers. We also have recalls parts on backorder for the door latch freezing concern. We have had a 6.7 down in shop where the HPFP let go and sent metal everywhere...
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    Ford CEO Jim Hackett to step down

    Blew me away. It was a simple request too. If you look at the passenger side of the center console, there is a little pocket to hold maps or the owner's manual. His broke off and the illustration in the catalog isn't clear. I asked if they could verify it came with the $2,900+ trim piece...
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    Ford CEO Jim Hackett to step down

    The parts side is so messed up right now and has been as long as Hackett has been in charge. I realize the pandemic hasn't helped but I have so many parts on backorder it isn't funny. We had a resource called PACO, Parts Assistance Center Online, that we could email questions for verification...
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    Single Cab Pickups : Forbidden Fruit

    In working on my 2003 Silverado, I finally found rust. A battery must have leaked and the tray has rust on it. New tray and no more rust.
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    Single Cab Pickups : Forbidden Fruit

    Follow the local tow companies social media. I got mine after one of the tow companies a friend works at posted it on FB as a lien sale.
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    Single Cab Pickups : Forbidden Fruit

    I picked up a 2003 Silverado 2500 reg cab long bed 2WD LQ4/4L80E for $1500 last month. It has 281K miles on it though. Needed and still needs some love but it has been a really fun truck. The water pump was leaking when I bought it, so I replaced that along with all the hoses, belts...