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  • Besides those couple of things, she runs good and is in need of a good home with someone who will actually drive her. My price is where it's at for the inconvenience of you having to source and buy some of the stock parts I've sold off. I'm talking with another guy at the moment who is coming to see if Saturday,I can send you some pictures and videos of it running if you'd like.
    -She has 44,283 on the clock
    - 2 owner car
    - to kicks up front, stock bilsteins in the back with stock springs on all 4 corners
    -f/r strut tower braces, welded in subframe connectors.
    -she currently has a tune from bama and she laid down 450/470 on the dyno( just for numbers and a/f check)
    -IRS brace
    - previous owner had some items glued to the dash for electronics( should come off with goo-b-gone)
    -car has a high idle/hanging idle (1500) which I believe is do to a vacuum leak somewhere that I haven't found yet.
    -codes p0243 and p0602 keep popping up which I just found is something I should've had my tuner turn off in the tune( they're been contacted).
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