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  • Hi my name is Mickey, I own a 2014 5.0 and was looking in boosting. I'm highly intreated in the paxton package you offer with the fuel system. I live over here in east Coast in New Jersey. I was wondering how I would go about pursuing the package from you and how long would it take to ship?
    I've been looking for a supercharger setup for my 2012 5.0. Been going back and forth between a roots/twinscrew and a centri. Saw your website and was wondering was exactly is the difference between your tuner kit and the full special. I live in tx and this will be a weekend driver\racer.
    Hows it going, i was wondering what shock strut combo u recommend for a 2013 boss, street driven and @ 4-6 times a year goes to the track 1/4 mile.
    Saw a special u had on viking and i belive strange struts.
    I bouhgt the bmr lowering springs from u and jlt oil seperator. Thanks for any help

    Hey terry I was trying to fine out how much a fuel system is from you. I run race gas at the track and pump gas daily. On my post (fuel systems) you said you have some that are dependable. Please fill me in on what you have. I shouldn't be pushing more than 850rwhp.
    I don't seem to be able to send you a PM, Stainless Works GT115H-PRODUCTS can you PM me a price on those.
    Hey, curious about the sale for the kooks street headers ...alreadt have a catback though, is there still a promo for headers only?
    Hey man thanks for everything. My rims came in today and look great. Very fast on the shipping.
    Beefcake, my friend reffered me to you. I am intereested in a supercharger kit, could you PM me and let me know what you got? Thanks
    Just wondering what is the price of the set up with 15X8 and 17X4.5? Also what is the biggest tire I can mount on the 15X8's safely?
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