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  • What year cobra jet springs are you running? If your not sure do you have a part number? Looks good
    Did you have to grind down the top of the caliper down to make those clear the brakes?
    I had to grind off quite a bit. The good news is, Billet specialties changed the wheels for better clearance on newer cars with big brakes. You shouldnt have to grind very much if any with the newer design. Or you can buy some race brakes. They are typically a lot less bulky and usually fit these wheels better. You picked the perfect BS and can run a 10.5 tire easily even if the car is slammed to the ground
    Hey Brad, I have some questions for you regarding the Billet Specialties Street Lites. You're the only person I can find that has done them on a S197. I picked up a set of rear 15x10 7.5" BS for my '13 GT. What all did you have to do to get them mounted? I've done sway bar relo. How much grinding did you have to do (amount of time and how much you had to take off the calipers)? Any spacers (size)? Change studs? What lug nuts did you use? Will a 28" fit if I'm lowered 1.5"? Just trying to decide if being different is worth it haha. Thanks!

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