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  • I've scoured the nets for information on swapping a 6r80 into my 07 Sport trac.
    As I am more of a step by step person, and a hobbyist, I was wondering if you could create a layman's list as a study guide for this particular type of swap. (6r60 to 80)
    I am also wondering if you have ever used a product such as this:
    Thank you, any assistance would be appreciated.
    STA Trinity
    Hello from L.O. I just stumbled on to your post, not offering any advice. I’m converting a 2010 supercharged 4.6 converted, Adrenalin from a 6060 manual 6 speed back to a 6r80 and I’m am using the usshift package with the paddle shift option and I have my own 2010 getting a 2014 gt500 5.8 with the same package. P.s. oregon
    Hey can you help me
    I see your some ad discusion mt82 to 6r80
    I have 2015 mustang gt pp manual
    I buy full swap kit 6r80
    I change everything but car dont start
    Can you little help me some good informations thanks
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