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    Did you get shot for Rona or Not?

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    2003cobra#2's 3.4 Whipple Build

    Yes the spring keeps the valve open to about 3 psi... so far street driving is way better than no spring at all.. I work on medical equipment so that’s what I tried... I wrapped 1 end around a 14mm socket to enlarge the end so it couldn’t come out of the hole where the rod is... the actuator...
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    2003cobra#2's 3.4 Whipple Build

    1st Pic...The bottom spring is the Whipple Low Vac spring (keeps valve closed) I used the top spring to keep the valve open 2nd pic is how I Installed it ...
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    2003cobra#2's 3.4 Whipple Build

    I was having the issue where we couldn’t get the car to stay running going into gear (auto car) it would drop to about 3 inches of vac and die... with the blower belt off it’s perfect..... I wound up trying the low boost actuator L&M offers (it has no spring in it) on the Dyno it was great but...
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    Intercooler on3 or procharger

    I looked into swapping my A-W set up to a treadstone and didn’t find anybody having issues with them and people pushing big boost through them...
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    How long do you think this will last?

    Any pics of the other cylinders ?
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    How long do you think this will last?

    That looks like a lot of oil in there for only 1000 miles... what plugs TR6 ? Head cooling mod done ?
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    MFP crank support??

    I believe Lethal is selling them..
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    Charge pipe question, 2.5 to 3in

    Are you sure the intercooler is sized right... 2 1/2 seems small for that HP level... I would mount the maf on the side between the intake tube and valve cover for easy access...
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    Any input on JDM Engineering and/or L&M for engine builder near PA

    I dealt with Mike at L&M because they were close enough to drop off and pick up my motor/heads.... Definitely knows what he’s doing with modmotors... answered any questions I had and explained everything they did... And it was done when he said it would be... I would use them again !!
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    The Official Centrifugal Pulley/Boost Combo Thread!!!

    Well if you come across anything, please let me know! What is your intake setup? I popped the procharger intake last year.... we say 30 psi pre intercooler..... now I’m running a J2 intercooler and J2 turbo hat intake and see 26 psi post intercooler with the same pulley set up...
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    The Official Centrifugal Pulley/Boost Combo Thread!!!

    I also run an F1A with a 4R70 and mines is doing the same... 26 psi at 5500 and boost flatlined to 6000.... mine is cogg’d ... I run a A-W intercooler.... not sure what is going on with it.
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    So I managed to set the car on fire

    Sorry to see the mishap... what’s your plan to get the smell out ?