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  • Are you still making the car show display stands? Found a link from 2012 that lead me to you. I'm really interested in one for my 2014 Super Snake.
    Could you pass on information as to your powder coating business? Where is it and do you have a website? Looking for a good powder coater in Nor-Cal. Thanks
    Hey, saw that u powdercoat? Would like to get a set of coil covers done. Are u still doing it?
    Hey buddy !! I just bought powered by ford coil overs for my terminator I want your opinion on what should I powder coat into ? I have a competition orange cobra and wrinkly black vlave cover
    Brian- are you still powder coating brakes?
    I'd like to get my stockers done in gloss black.
    Is there still an exchange program or do I need to send you mine?
    Also, do you tee them down then rebuild after coating?
    Hey Brian my buddy Trqjnky said you might have made the Shelby fuse box covers. If so would you know how to get one. Thanks
    Hello my name is andy.I purchased a mysichrome cobra in october of last year. I love what you did with the snake skin mystichrome powdercoating. I was wondering if you still powder coat and i so what do you charge to do snake skin mystichrome on the stock calipers and the caliper brackets? Thanks a lot. My cell number is 920 857 0408 if you want to text me. I am new to this site but have been on it for a year looking at forums.
    Hey I saw your thread about powder coating brakes. If I had a set of brand new cobra r brembos that I wanted to get powder coated a copper color (unsure of color) how much would that run? How long is the turnaround time? Do you have a website where I can see the different copper/gold colors yall offer? Thanks..
    Hello man I've seen Your coil covers they looks great. How much do u charge to do them? I have a 08 gt500. I would also like to here some of your ideas for what color to go with my car is the vapor color with ack stripes and my valve covers are black.

    Here is my email if this is easier for contact. [email protected]
    I sent an email 3 weeks ago, but haven't got a response. I know you're having internet problems. I wanted a quote for coil covers. Torch Red in wrinkle/ polished. Also someone on the forums has been trying to get a hold of you. His name is BV600.

    Thanks Mike
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