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    Help with alignment specs

    Go to MMs website and look up the installation of their CC plates. They have alignment suggestions that will guide you.
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    ‘11 Paxton Electric fan problems

    I would start checking the wiring to see if you have pinched wires or a corroded connection.
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    Does a SRA hurt the value of a 03/04 cobra

    The IRS in these cars is the biggest love hate component. I swapped one into my GT with complete FTBR bushing kit and toe links 10 years ago and you couldn't pay me to go back. Over rough pavement they both transmit NVH. Going around corners is completely different and the ride on smooth...
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    Volkswagen ?

    I've owned 1 VW and that will probably be the last. It was a 2017 passat r line. The car rode and handled well but it was a damn animal magnet. I also despised the head unit and odd VW quirks were annoying. It was also the absolute most worthless vehicle in the snow. The traction/stability...
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    2004 Cobra rocker panels recommendations

    I totally understand. Sometimes you flat out don't have a choice if you want certain parts. I too have a hard time with fiberglass parts like bumpers and side skirts. Hoods don't bother me though as long as they are high quality. Looking at their site the parts they produce are supposedly...
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    2004 Cobra rocker panels recommendations

    I've seen those fiberglass specialties before in a youtube video. IIRC they don't use all the factory attachment points. They completely leave out the push pins at the fenders leaving the pieces at the ends attached by the screws.
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    Project: Carbon Power Pipe

    That is flat out badass!
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    Engine support hanger

    Look in MM's K member instructions. They use the alternator to block mount holes above the water pump.
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    Kenne bell 2.4 owners

    Contact the seller and ask for the serial number then call KB. I believe even back then they were on the drivers side of the blower.
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    01 with P1SC looking for more fuel pump help

    Did you drill a hole in the basket? People used to run into the exact same problem with the old focus pump in the GT basket at around 375, Myself included. The 01 cobra setup is the same. If you look at the basket you'll notice that the pump is mostly fed through a rubber captured check valve...
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    Any avid golfers in here?

    I have been fitted. It's a simple process but the quality of your fitting relies heavily on the experience of your fitter. Stay away from places like golf galaxy, they are a joke. I highly recommend going to a course with a good fitting center or something like Ifit. If during your fitting...
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    Big Brakes On Cobra

    Has reaper stated if they are making an IRS kit with electric parking break?
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    96 GT Vacc line ? and 2 other line ?

    Doing some Google searches I believe the lines in the first and last picture need to be connected together. I am however not very familiar with NPI cars and I do believe there were minor changes made to the routing on the 99-04 cars.
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    96 GT Vacc line ? and 2 other line ?

    Edit. Yes the second pic is a ground. The 3rd is for your A/C controls. I apologize if you or the OP saw my initial post stating your assessment was incorrect. At the time I only saw 2 pictures not 3.
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    Big Brakes On Cobra

    I took a look at his kits and I dont understand how that E-brake setup works? Looks badass though.