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    4-Digit HP | VMP 3100 TVS Superchargers for Coyote and GT500

    1200 rwhp is a solid number. It depends on alot of factors like fuel, supporting mods, pulley combo, and compression. These could be lower compression builds or not as high as some others. Based on how much the 2.65 outperformed the 2.3 and hell even the 3r outperformed the regular 3 by 100...
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    F/S: built 96 cobra black on black coupe

    The car has more cubes being 5.2 vs 4.6 and also has higher compression ratio according to the listing being 11:1. I would think it would have to dyno at least 20-30 hp more than a stock motor full exhaust car and it def needs 93 if not e85 for compression that high. This car would be killer...
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    Stock '18 2.7 Ecoboost vs Stock '04 Lightning

    I haven't posted in a long time on here just been lurking lol. This thread prompted a response. The lightnings (especially an 04) should run high 13s at 100+ but it depends on traction, da, etc. Do these 2.7s run that quick stock? I know the new rcsb 5.0s with the 10 speed run like 13.3 at...
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    96 Cobra vs Honda S2000

    I agree with what you say about the times stock but op car is no longer stock its fbo geared with 410s and it helps those cars even on the highway up till you have to shift to 5th that is i once had a car just like his with 410s. Hes prob running low 13s easily with possible high 12s with a...
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    PMAS cold air intake - Track times results

    People are always like oh that's mostly the tune when a car picks up 30-40 whp with an Intake and tune package yet you never see anyone picking up that much with only a tune. The good intakes (tune required) clearly do something on these cars there's plenty of data backing this up. I mean when...
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    PMAS cold air intake - Track times results

    I can't believe nobody responded to this thread. I think it's amazing the car picked up more than 1 mph with the no tune required and 3 mph on the tune required version that is quite a jump. I thought intakes did nothing on the 5.0 lol. They always say that even back to the old 4v...
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    jlt ram air intake w/ shaker vs true cold air intake

    I have not posted here in a good while but I felt the need to comment on this old thread since it was revived again just over a year ago anyways when it was a 6 year old thread lol. You cannot dyno before and after gains or losses from adding or taking away the shaker because sitting on a dyno...
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    Friendly grudge racing, who's gonna win?

    I think the cobra has the potential to beat these cars in the 8th with a drag radial and 456s for sure long as the spinning isn't too bad. I want another sn95 4v I'm gonna do 400 lbs worth of weight loss at minimum and do full bolt ons and 456s etc should be a fun street/strip car to park...
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    Just joined the FiST club

    I love mine a lot. I have never owned a turbo car before this either and the small turbo makes the car boost very early almost to the point of making the car feel like an nav8 similar to the hp and torque and powerband of the fox 5.0 when stock. Car has loads of power for the size in...
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    Fiesta ST what did you pay?

    I got my 2016 in April of 2016 and Navigation and painted black wheels were the only options it stickered just over 23 I got it for 21500 out the door with 0% for 60 mo financing.
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    audiophile sub and amp and enclosure from svt focus

    i have the audiophile sub and amp and enclosure that came stock in my 03 svtf...I'm asking $50 shipped thanks Michael
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    10 inch sub thump enclosure fits 2000-2007 focus hatchback

    I have a sub thump custom sealed stealth enclosure for a single 10 inch sub that fits 2000 to 2007 focus hatchback...similar to the factory audiophile enclosure that was stock in my 2003 svt just slightly larger...has dark charcoal carpet matches the carpet in my svt perfectly. i paid $135 for...
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    steeda race wing for 01-04 v6, GT or Mach 1. 2 sets of winglets-$250 shipped

    I had this wing on my 2003 Mach 1 that I recently sold. A couple months back I actually sold it to a friend because I had planned to go wingless. Now my friend is looking to go in a different direction and asked me to try to sell his wing for him. It is painted black and has 2 sets of...
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    bbk twin 65 mm Throttle body. Fits 96-01 Cobras and 03-04 Mach 1 with 4v engine-$100

    I have a bkk twin 65 mm tbody for sale that fits 96-01 cobra or 03-04 mach 1. I have the box it goes in as well, will take $100 for it
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    billet upper and lower grills for 99-04 v6, GT or Mach 1, $75

    I have a billet upper and lower grill set that fits 99-04 v6, GT or Mach 1. It is in great condition and wasn't used very long at all. This is the straight billet grill (no place for the horse or an emblem). Can provide pics. Grill came from American Muscle $75