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  • Hey man I was wondering if you had a build thread for you 95? I just realized that the picture of your car is a screenshot on my cell and had a '98 that looked relatively similar.
    Hello, What springs do you have on your cobra? I just got a white 97 cobra. Looking to lower and love your stance. Are those 17 or 18s on there? Any spacers? Thank you
    Thank you.. They are just basic 18x9 and 18x10 FR500's.. Not exactly sure which pictures you are looking at. The rims are currently black
    New to the site, but I can't stop looking at your car pictures...What size rims and wheels do you have on your car? Thanks!
    Just wanted to sincerely thank you for helping me with my question. I apprecaite you as you a great asset to this forum and sn95 community.

    thanks again!
    Youre car is gorgeous, i love the wheels, stance and headlights. What kind of headlights, blacked out cobras? Do you have any videos with that cam and vortech?
    I wanted to PM you, but I don't see a way on your profile. I saw a picture you recently posted of your white cobra. Can you tell me where you got your headlights? I recently picked up a '97 Cobra and am having the hardest time finding clear corners. I wouldn't mind going with the dark/smoked look like you have either. Thanks.
    Hey man wats up? I was just wondering where you got those tips. I have the same side pipes but have the stock tips.. Would love to know man.. Thanks
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