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    New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Ever been?

    I have pit passes for the July Nascar race but was curious if I need to buy grandstand tickets as well? I would rather not if I don't have to. Anyone ever been there and sit in the infield seating?
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    Rogaine foam.

    Anyone have any experience with it? I know it takes patience and you have to be faithful with it. Getting a little light out back so figured i would give it a shot for a few months with maybe some saw palmetto and Progain shampoo. Please share your experience.
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    Unlikely Villains in film!

    Just watching Terminator 2 on AMC and it got me thinking about how badass I thought Robert Patrick was in that movie. For an unassuming normal dude he played a pretty darn good part. What are some of your choices for villains that were played by actors that you really didn't think were the...
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    Anyone recently start riding motorcycles?

    I am really getting the itch to buy a bike. I have never owned a bike and my riding experience is limited to a few dirtbike rides as a youth on my buddies 120's. Absolutely no sport bikes. I am thinking Harley 1200 Sportster is a good beginners bike. Any input out there? This is probably...
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    We lost a great Tuner,Gentleman and Enthusiast today!

    In apparent jet ski accident Chris Schoen-Kiewert of Connecticuts EFI Logics passed. I know Chris personally and he was everything you looked for in a friend and tuner. He treated you with respect and always took care of us. He was a go-to guy for all things Ford tuning for years until he...
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    Anyone living with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder?

    My wife and I have been doing marriage therapy for a while now and this topic came up at our last visit so i took the test and got 100%:banana: lol seriously though, I then went to my pcp and they were able to confirm the test and at this point we are considering meds. I really don tlike the...
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    Is there Plagiarism on forums?

    LOL, Well for lack of a better word. It seems to happen A LOT, someone will comment on a thread and then within 2 min the very next comment from a different user is almost identical just wordsmithed a bit? Obviously I'm bored this morning but just something I have noticed lately on alot of...
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    Wow People just suck these days.

    I give up on humanity. I cannot believe how shitty people are these days! Why the **** didn't my parents teach me to be a douche so I wouldn't care. People straight up lying to your face. I mean you watch them do something or say something so you call them on it and they deny it:dw:. I am...
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    RSP, Help me out with a Fox purchase!

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on this Fox. I've never been much of a vert guy but this thing is too clean too pass up. I already spoke with the owner and I'm going to look at it on Monday with cash in hand. Couple things, the car now has a chromed Holley Systemax intake on...
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    2012 MazdaSpeed3 for a DD?

    I have been over at mazdaspeedforums doing as much research as I can. I am 24hrs removed from ALMOST pulling the trigger on a 2012 Ford Focus SE to use as a DD. After driving it I realized I still want something that is somewhat fun to drive. Enter the Mazdaspeed3. Pretty darn quick and...
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    School me on the early Ford Focus

    With gas prices here in CT at $4.00 a gallon already i decided to sell my daughters Cherokee and get her into something a little more economical. I have been eying a 200 Ford Focus 2dr hatch with an auto trans and 122k on the clock. I have heard mixed revies so I'm not sure if I want to go this...
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    Tonight, First Concert in years! When was your last?

    The wife an I are taking steps to rekindle the ole marriage so we got tickets to see Aaron lewis tonight at Mohegan Sun. We used to be huge Staind fans back in the 90's and early Y2K's. Leaving in a few min, pretty excited not going to lie.:rockon: When was the last time you attended a...
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    Chick having orgasm is Turbo ZO6! SFW! Well sort of.

    Anyone seen this video yet? just the looks on this chicks face = OMG! :beer::rockon: Beautiful Girl - Full Boost - 1300hp TT Z06 Vette - YouTube
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    If you could have only 1 car?

    What would it be? Lets assume you need a vehicle that you can drive year round. You want something that is aways fun to drive, comfortable, handles good and makes good power. The obvious picks are the EVO and STI. What else you got? I'll add a gratuitous poll because people love the...
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    Crappy movies that you cannot shut off.

    The Longest Yard just came on and got me thinking about crappy movies (B Movies) that you just cannot turn off when they come on. What's on your list? Off the top of my head I will say: Gone In 60 Seconds The Fast and the Furious Dukes of Hazard Any Given Sunday Walking Tall...