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    Ltb sos pillar pod for 03 coupe

    I have one. Shoot me a PM
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    WTS MAFia

    I'll take it....PM Sent.
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    KB BAP : OEM Shift Knob : M/T ET Drag : OEM Radiator + Slim Spal Fan : Steering Wheel/Airbag

    03-04 Radiator with Spal Low Profile Fan : $225 Shipped Radiator has 34K Miles however no time on the fan. Purchased it to fit a larger turbo on my Hellion hotside, however ditched the setup and went TT. 03-04 Cobra OEM 6 Speed Shift Knob - $125 Shipped Mint 03-04 Cobra Stock Steering...
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    Procharged Camaro, 850hp Hellcat, Whipple Terminator, 750hp GT-R

    Haha that was my thought when I first saw he said "F it" while trying to swap them out.
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    Scavenge Pump + Restrictors

    Started my new build up for the first time yesterday and found oil pouring out of the downpipe’s. Called Precision and they chalked it up as a drain problem. Can someone please double check the set up below and verify I should not have restrictors on? Precision Twin 62/66’s 6AN Feed split to 2...
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    On3 kits

    Piping is fine. I just finished my install of the twin kit with Tial WG's/BOV's and Precision 62/66's. Coming from a single Hellion kit, go that route if you want to save time and money.
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    Wtb: stock 03 04 cobra Radiator

    I have one I just pulled off....shoot me a PM if interested. 31k Miles