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  • Broke,

    If possible I am looking for your advice since you seem to know what your diong when it comes to drag racing.

    I have barely any experience driving at the strip. A few years ago, I went 12.8 spinning my butt off. Totally different experience then street driving. My mods are a 2.93 Upper/Kooks Long Tubes/JLT Cold Air/Bruce's IRS Bushing, and Mcleod Twin Disc Clutch. The car makes 478 rwhp.

    Any rate I am getting the itch to actually hit the track a few times this year. I know practice makes perfect, but i am wondering what you recommend as far as tires. Right now the car is on stock 17s with good years up front and 315 nittor 555rs. I have heard the nittos are not that good. Any idea what tire I should run that will be safe on the IRS? I have the full bushing kit. . . I didnt want to purchase slicks and skinnies until i get the hang of things. Any launching techniques (rpms) or suggested tire pressure? Any suggestions would be great!


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