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  • Hello duece212: I saw your messages of your rear wheel and tire setup but I did not see the offsets and if you have mods and the tire poke out if any or if it is tucked inward. My apologies if I missed those posts. I have a Boss '13, Watts link, coil overs but stock height, will shave the bump stop bracket. I would like to run 20x12 rears with Michelin PSS 325/25/20. Could you please, share your rear specifications: rim width? (based on your posted section width my guess is that you are on 20x11. What is your offset? Any room left inward? Is the tire flush or how much the outer side pokes out if any or how much the outer side is inward if any? Any mods for the rear wheel well or suspension? Do you use any spacers? I know that you are on 315/35/20 Michelin (PSS or PS2??) and have a slight rub in turns. Thank you for your time!
    Sorry man, I decided to run my stock harness and computer at least for the rest of this year
    Are you still trying to sell the harness and computer setup for an automatic? I know your post is older but I figured I would ask anyways. Thanks Dustin
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