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  • I hand washed my Boss, then used a hair dryer to heat up the stripes, and they simply peeled right off. I then used a way and clay bar to remove any residual residue. Pretty easy, the hair dryer is key. good luck!
    Recently saw a thread where you removed the side stripes from your Boss 302. Can you explain the process you went through to remove them? I recently got a '97 Cobra that a previous owner put side stripes on. They need to be removed immediately! Any help is appreciated.
    nice meeting you at the track. let me know when and what track you are going to next and i'll try and go. love to see that Boss run again.
    Hey, This is exactly what I'm looking for except it's non SVTPP. My 2006GT just sold today so I'm looking. Can you send detailed pics to [email protected]? Yout mentioned the metco pulley so i;m guessing you bought the an aftermarket intake and obviously a tune?

    Best regards,
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