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  • I don't have much to add on trouble shooting your other gauge cluster issues. Fortunately, the lights are the only issue i have had on my '04. My car was a pretty late production '04, so I really doubt Ford made any correction to the light issue on the '03/04 cobras. I understand there were a few other ford cars with the same idiglow lighting, so who knows if Ford ever got around to fixing it. Since most cars held up through the 3/30 warrantee, I doubt it was a priority for them.

    Used clusters seem to pop on here and on CL quite often. I would just keep eyes open.

    No idea about re-programming the cluster, but I don't think you will have any issues swapping in a used cluster.

    I read your post on how to fix a 03-04 cobra cluster lighting and was wondering if you you knew who could help me.

    The spedometer, boost guage and temp guages dont work in my '04 cobra. The odo works.

    Do you know anyone with either spare cluster parts (new or used replacement OEM boost guage, spedo guage etc) or can fix it.

    I was also thinking of getting a used cluster & have the info (PATS related info, VIN, etc.) on the original damaged cluster copied (cloned) to the donor so it would have all info to be compatible to PATS. Do you know anyone that can do this?

    Lastly I was wondering if you knew of the consequences to turning off PATS in the tune. Woild it affect anything else? For example the cruise control?

    I was also curious if the lighting issue is just an 03 issue or occurs on 04 with the same frequency or was it fixed by then? ( just In case I swap to an 03 cluster)

    I appreciate any help/adice pr contact leads you can give me.

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