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  • Chris, that car in Marshfield is more $$$ than I want to pay, but it is very nice. I'm not all that thrilled with the red stripes, but maybe I could learn to live with the color scheme. What's the bottom number it would take to buy that car?
    Hey Chris, could you shoot me a text. Wanting to talk to someone about placing an order for a GT350. 617 827 1384. Thanks!

    We ordered a 2015 Ford Taurus SHO on 17 March 2015................
    The dealer seems to be VERY weak in the skillset of the order process.
    They cannot tell us anything about our order or if a VOC or DORA has been received.
    Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanking you in advance for your help.
    Really pissed me off with your "stupid" comment. Don't judge people.... To your faithful followers.. Here's the comment Chris posted after a grammar error: The above post may come off as abrasive, insensitive, or condescending in nature. Chances are, it was provoked by not being able to fix stupid. Really? Grow up.
    One thing about the GT appreciation I want to bring to your attention. It really depended on when the person bought the car. Guys that wanted be first on the block paid quarter of a mil for one. If you bought at M.S.R.P as what they were bringing right at the end of production, you did good! Most people paid over sticker. Also its an exotic in the same realm as a McLaren or certain prancing horse models for Italia. Collectible for the well to do. So kind of a different ball came. Any Vette up to the last chrome bumper cars and the big blocks and vert of the 70s also. Early F-bodies, Yankos, Motion etc big appreciation. GM is junk. Want a chuckle? Google C7 problems. aaaaaaaaaaahaaaaa

    I talked briefly to Sunrise Ford and they quoted it as 1000 over MSRP. I didn't get into it with them so I imagine it could be negotiated but were they the dealership you were talking about? If you have a contact person in North Hollywood and are willing to share I'd appreciate it.


    Hi Chris!

    Just thought I'd write as you are a very active and positive member of the forums; and own a DIB Shelby :)

    I'm writing b/c I'm having some hesitation re: DIB (might have seen my post in a thread from earlier this week). I keep flipping back and forth regarding the colour, thinking it may appear too purple for my liking. I'm wondering if you might be able to share your thoughts in this regard and perhaps provide a little reassurance on my colour choice.

    hey hows it going. i bought your 01' black L from the guy you sold it to, about 3 weeks ago. he printed out the ad and from svtp and thats how i found it. just though you might be interested to know, its in wisconsin now.
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