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    FS: Stock 2013 exhaust for sale

    I have a set of stock 2013 quad tip exhaust removed after 1,000 miles. $400 plus shipping.
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    TruFiber Carbon Fiber Hood and Trunk, Spoiler, and Blackout Panel For Sale

    The hoods are $1,799 new, asking $1,500 negotiable. Trunk $849 new , spoiler $599 new, gurney flap $99, and black out panel $199 new, asking $1,300 for the complete assembly negotiable. The trunk is sold a a set as the spoiler and blackout are bolted and taped to the trunk.
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    True Forged Concave Chicanes

    I am selling my 2013 shelby GT 500 on this site under the vehicle section. I am asking to sell the car with the mods but will sell separately. However I am listing the mods here and have the second set of the Trueforged 714 Chicanes made. I am asking $5,000 for the wheels tires, and sensors...
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    2013 Carbon Fiber Equipped GT 500 For Sale

    Carbon Fiber equipped 2013 GT 500 for sale. Car has, SVT Track Pack, Electronics PKG W/Navigation, Recaro Leather Seats, Shaker Pro System, Shelby Car Cover, Tape Stripe Delete, SVT Performance Package. I would prefer to sell the car with the mods that are currently installed. The Mods are...
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    Finding a 5.8 Mod Block

    Are there any 5.8 mod blocks available? Ford racing no longer carries the block. If one of our blocks fails, what course of action do we have to replace the block, or rebuild it? The ones I can find or so expensive that I couldn't see buying one to build up, which is what I would like to do...
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    2013 GT 500 for a 2015 GT Mustang Track Pack?

    Would you trade your 2013 GT 500 for track pack 2015 GT Mustang?
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    Best Muscle / Sports Car for the Money

    What do members think is the best muscle / sports car for the money? I have been looking at the new Mustang GT Premium, the Scat Pack Challenger, Camaro 1LE, and the new Corvette. So far the challenegr Scat Pack in my mind leads the way. Brembo brakes, exhaust cutouts, very nice interior and...
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    Sleeving a 5.8 block

    Can a 5.8 block be sleeved? I am wondering about the rebuild ability of these blocks. Any one sleeved or rebuilt on these blocks?
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    Trufiber Trunk and Spoiler

    Has anyone installed a trufiber carbon fiber trunk and spoiler? The spoiler did not come with bolts installed and the trunk was not pre drilled. Any help on install would be appreciated.
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    2013 Kooks Axel bCaks for Trade

    I have a set of Kooks axel backs to trade for a set of Borla attacks to fit a 2013 GT 500
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    Looking for 13-14 shelby letters and rear emblem

    Looking for a rear ebmblem and letters for a 13-14 Shelby.
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    Cervinis vs Trufiber

    As the title states, Trufiber versus Cervinis hoods, how are they constructed, fitment, service after the sale, etc? Looks for opinions. Home > Mustang >
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    Super Snake Hood

    I am selling my Super Snake hood to go another route. This is a genuine Shelby Super Snake hood. $1,800 will have to be local pickup do to size and shipping cost.
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    2013 PP Wheels for Sale

    I am selling my 2013 OEM PP Wheels. $3,000 prefer local pickup. Wheels come with sensors and tires.
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    2013 PP Wheels for Sale

    I am selling my 2013 OEM PP Wheels for sale.