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    In-ground pool construction

    Is that all your yard in the back? Why so close to the house? We put one in about 6-7 years ago. Best thing we ever did for the house. And anyone that tells you it doesn't add value is wrong. You can't find a house around here with a pool, they sell before they are listed. Good Job!
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    I got a 3D printer...

    FYI, Woot has this exact printer on sale for $200. Just picked one up. Cheap Computers | Woot
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    Drone operators!

    I've got my 107 and use a DJI Phantom Pro 4. Use it for survey work. The Phantom 4 is a work horse if you can keep it happy with its calibrations. We had an IMU go out and it had to go back to DJI. They ended up replacing the whole thing. We use Pix4D to run automated flight paths...
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    Need input on 2000 Ram Van I'm purchasing to flip

    So what happened to the guy??
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    Texas- smaller cities ???

    I would agree with this just for the fishing if you are into that. There is great inshore and offshore fishing in that area. Has the best by far off shore options and drops off a lot deeper, faster than anywhere on the coast north of there. Out of Galveston you have to go 50+ miles to get...
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    Thinking of buying a classic Mustang? Am I crazy?

    So my dad decided he needed to have a 68 Fastback, as it was his first car growing up. We found a restored one that was pretty clean, so he bought it. Carbureted 302, Top loader 4 speed. Pretty nice car. This was about 5 years ago. Then he did the worst thing you could do for a car like...
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    List the cars you've owned - It doesn't matter if you still have them or not....

    1986 Pontiac 6000 1987 Chevrolet Caviler 1987 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe 1988 Chevrolet Caviler Z24 1991 Ford Thunderbird Supercoupe 1993 Jeep Cherokee 1997 Mustang Cobra 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2003 Mustang Cobra 2001 BMW 740i Sport 2005 Mercury Sable 2008 Mustang GT (Whipple) 2011 Ford...
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    Who said GTRs own the 1/2-1 mile competitions?

    Can anyone tell me the story on the tires for this car? Do they get replaced after each run? Or how many runs are they good for? I've seen a tire come apart at 200 and it ain't good.....
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    So I got a hair transplant

    How about an update? Still happy with the results? Its been a few months now. Any complications? @musclefan21
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    Good deal on a new f150?

    You should be able to get 0% for 72 months right now. That's why I just bought one.
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    So I got a hair transplant

    So do they knock you out for the procedure? Or are you awake? How long did it take to move 28xx hair follicles?
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    How to guide (rear valence gap TSB)

    1.7 hours is the part that worries me. I'd try to find someone who has done it before and not let mine be the guinea pig. There is a DIY on mustang6g that doesn't look that bad.
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    Hawaii Rain forest Last year

    How was that Disney resort? Worth the coin? I was thinking of taking the family there.
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    Is my House Haunted: Poll: SVTP will decide.

    Did the ghost just post that suicide video in Pics and Vids from your computer?