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    Spy Shots: '22 Ford Expedition Timberline

    I hate to hate, but that's no where near as good of a looking rig as the new Tahoe. Looks like they tossed some mud tires on mom's suv. Now don't get me wrong, I like the expo and what they are about. It would make a killer tow rig/dd. But in a boring, blend in kinda way.
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    Mustang Week 2021 Video

    Whats up all, been a minute since I really posted on here. Ran into SID down at the beach and he had a bad ass SVTP prototype hat on so I figure I'd better post some so maybe he will send me one :ROFLMAO: So peep the video!
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    NMRA/NMCA All Star Nationals Atlanta Video

    Bittersweet trip to Atlanta for the last time! Lots of good memories here all the way back to the Fun Ford days! NMRA & NMCA Say Goodbye To Atlanta Dragway
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    NMRA World Finals/Holley Ford Fest Video

    My highlight video from Bowling Green a couple of weekends ago, check it out! NMRA World Finals & Holley Ford Fest 2020
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    Changed the look of the Viper

    Beautiful color scheme. I ran into a bunch of Vipers at the Corvette Museum in Kentucky Sunday, i forgot how bad ass they look in person!
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    Tail of the Dragon trip-NC/TN mountains

    Great pics Billy! I need to take the Challenger up their and pop her dragon cherry!
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    My buddies Roush Running True Street @ NMRA World Finals

    Whats up guys! Been a forever minute since ive been on here and posted. LL’s passing brought me back the other day to say my condolences so i figured before i forgot my password again id contribute a little. Anyway, just wanted to share mine and my buddies trip to the NMRA World Finals last...
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    We've lost a good one at SVTP. R I P Larry

    God speed Larry, you will be missed brother.
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    2019 Ford Ranger - 5 Misses

    No regular cab?? WTH? I've personally wore out five or six regular cab Rangers delivering in the auto parts business over the years, most of them manual's too. I guess I can understand both those options not being there, but no diesel is very disappointing. If I was really to get serious about...
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    2019 Ford Ranger - 5 Hits

    All those features sound awesome, but like someone said, good bye cheap Ranger. I think that was part of the appeal of the old ranger is the cheap plain Jane's. Cant imagine even the most basic form of this one being cheap. That being said, I'd LOVE to have a Lariat for a new dd!!
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    Spy Shots—2018 Nissan GT-R Nismo

    Meh, like all have said, not impressed now, never really have been. Sure they can make big power and go a big MPH with thousands of dollars sank in them. Seems like everyone I know that's had one has spent more time in the shop or tuning on it that actually enjoying it.
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    Mustang Week 2017 Video

    Finally getting my Mustang Week video finished up!
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    Ultimate Gathering of SVTs @ #PITS2018

    Round two is gonna be epic!!!!
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    Pigeon Forge Rod Run Fall '17 Event Coverage Some ford action, one more article to come tomorrow.