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  • cobrabob: I was wondering how to post my car for sale here? I have a 1998 cobra yellow /black conv 6100 org miles , still smells new I would like to sell any help would be great thank you Ray
    Hey cobrabob, I remember a thread where there was a list of cobra "recalls" where you could buy the parts. I'm looking for the pedal plate specifically. If you could help me out that would be great, for the life of me I can't find it! Thanks,and also thanks for all that you do for this site!!
    Saw an old post of your saying you had an 03-04 cobra repair/service manual in CD for sale. Wondering if you have any remaining copies? Thanks
    Anyone heard from Jamie or 'Start n charge' lately? I was supposed to send him back an alternator to repair before I moved back to FL and he does not seem to be responding to PMs or the email I have for him.
    hay bob I was wondering if you still have the 03 cobra maintenance manual cd's for sale and how good they would be for the 04?
    hey there, my names Brad and ive only had my 04 cobra for about 6 months now. I am wanting to do a few upgrades to it now and was wondering what the best things to do/add before i get my pulley swap and tune done. Right now all I have is pypes offroad x-pipe, basic intake, and a short throw. Any ideas and feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!
    Hey buddy, Im wondering if you have anymore of those 03 cobra maintenance manual CDs, and if so what do they cover, and how in depth do they get?
    I logged in as usual and caught your name on the left side with having the most posts. I was wondering how does one have almost 63,000 posts?!
    Thanks for friending me. I have a question because you clearly have the greater wisdom in this topic. What is a good first car to have?
    Hi there,

    It seems you are the most educated on this site as far as I can see, and I am new to this site and have no idea how to make a new post/thread. I was just curious to if you, or anyone else that reads this, had any idea to what would be the best flowmaster muffler for my v6 Mustang 2005. I do not have anything else done to it, and do not plan on getting much else done to it other than a K&N Cold Air Intake, which means it is all stock. If you could advise me to what would sound the loudest and bolt on the best, that is what I want.


    Hey Bob, sorry I have not been in touch much but work is so busy here. Anyway my dog passed away today and i am so sad. I am hoping that the Lord allows me to see her in heaven. Maybe that is a crown?

    I started a thread in roadsude pub to see some pics of her.
    Help, CobraBob, I have the 2003 Cobra SVT convertible, highly modified as you can see on my listing 10/5 by csebast. It's having a draw on the battery such that even with a new alternator just installed, if it is not driven about 20 min at least every other day, it has to be jumped. The local shop (not Ford dealer) disconnected the whopper fuses that went back to an amp that was in the trunk (but not in use), they wonder if it is the after-market alarm system, but don't see anything with enough pull to explain sucking the battery so much. Any ideas??? I'd appreciate it. And while we're talking, what do you think should be the price on this car? Have a great Thanksgiving!!
    hello i have owned my 1997 cobra since september of 97 and i have always had a problem with my car it sputters at high rpms around 5000 to 6000 rpm i took it to a few dealers up in austin tx and loca here in brownsvill tx and have gotten the same result i gave up once the factury woranty was out and now i am back again trying to figure this out. I know it is some thing electrical but here is what i have done so far. new bbk 255gal fuel pump, bbk fuel regulator,new filter, new msd coils,wires,plugs,cold air intake, 90mm lightning mass air meter and sct x3 programer. My last and only thing to replace is the llx4 ecu. i need to fix this problem because i am going turbo and i need help before i can proceed. PS if it come down to replacing the ecu can i replace it with a aol3 ecu thanks.
    Hi, I'm new to this site, actually I'm new to forums altogether. I own a 1999 SVT Cobra Mustang that is completely stock, with about 38000klms. I am thinking about a new shifter, but I really don't know which one, and there are many to choose from. The car is not raced, and super short shifts are not really what I'm after. I am after sharp shifts, and a good looking shifter (the Roush shifter looks good to me). Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.
    Bob, have pics of the jack rails welded on? thanks, Lenny

    And if you don't mind, if I take pics of the car, you can tell me if there is any damage. I personally don't see damage.
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