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  • Hi there, my name is Antonio, I own a Cobra 2003 that I imported form US to Panama Central America. My mod are very like yours and that's the reason why I am trying to get in touch with you. I do my own tuning with SCT and Advantage III soft. Fuel down here sucks!, they claim they sell 95oct fuel but from experiences tunes cannot be as aggressive in timing like real 95oct fuel. If you know or you can help, what kind of timing are your running on your engine with 91oct???

    My email is [email protected] if you rather respond that way and thanks for your time!
    Areoforce power supply for sensor. Half way down the page.

    Aeroforce Technology Inc | Products - Sensors

    5v regulated power supply
    Simply connects to switched 12v and ground to supply 5v to our 2 bar MAP sensor kit. Eliminates the need to tap into other sensor lines or the PCM to obtain 5v.

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