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    WANTED: Wtb cold air intake

    Not looking to spend a lot, looking for a pmas 120 or a jlt 123
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    WANTED: Wtb vmp pulley

    Found one thanks guys
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    WANTED: Wtb vmp pulley

    Like the title says I’m looking for a vmp 10 rib 2.4 pulley that bolts on to the vmp hub. I already have the hub just need to the pulley. Thanks guys
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    WANTED: Vmp pulley

    how much
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    WANTED: Vmp pulley

    Looking for a 2.4 bolt on pulley with hub that’s made by vmp for my 2.3 trinity blower. No other set up. Just what I’m asking for. I’m located in So Cal.
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    FOR SALE: Whipple 2.9 gen 2

    Still for sale? Pm me
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    WTB heat exchanger

    WTB heat exchanger for 03 cobra currently have a afco but punctured it somehow want heat exchanger only either afco or lfp 760-693-9839
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    CA catalytic converter

    Bro put a mid pipe off a GT and go smog it I just put a factory mid pipe off a GT for my 03 cobra here in So Cal and passed smog no issues. Direct bolt on
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    WTB 2.76 BILLETFLOW 2.76 pulley with hub. In blue or black no other color
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    send me a text 7606939839
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    WTB sonic blue jlt ram air intake clean set of valve covers Billetflow idlers
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    WTB terminator

    Looking for either of these colors. 10th anniversary silver coupe or Sonic blue or Redfire closer to stock the better anything under 100k miles Looking to spend around 18k or less 760-693-9839 is the easiest way to contact me United States only, any distance within the US. thanks svtp