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    Melbourne Florida residents?

    I may take a job in Melbourne FL this coming October, can anyone give me a little bit of first hand experience of the city and how is it to live there? Would love to hear from the residents or someone that has family living there. Safe neighborhoods, how is the city itself, etc etc...
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    Any College wrestlers? quick question!

    As unusual as it for me, I am making a wrestling thread in order to find out some direction as to what college wrestling forum, website(if any) could help me out with some questions about scholarships, international student transfers, etc etc. Is there one general office, link, email to...
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    Smart cop vs a wannabe smart sounding tard....who wins?

    If you are going to be an activist and whip out your little camera, along with your teenage sounding knowledge of the law you googled quickly, you better come correct or you will look like a tool. Good Cop Vs. Douchebag Activists Video
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    Isle of Man TT, 200 mph legal street racing.

    Isle of Man TT, 200 mph legal street racing. [VIDEO] Just a very cool video put together on one of the more prestigious motorcycle races out there. Do not go out on your bike after watching it.:D
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    Pit Bull Parkour?

    World's most amazing dog. [VIDEO] Boss dog.
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    Usain Bolt Interrupts Interview To Recognize American National Anthem!

    Class personified. Video: Pure Class: Usain Bolt Interrupts Interview To Recognize American National Anthem!
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    Niagara Falls NY anyone?

    I will be taking a trip to see the falls, and Canadian side isn't an option because I am going with a tourist that has US visa only. Share some nice hotels with me please, places to eat, things to see (besides falls), etc etc. Also, must be near the falls for the convenience sake, something with...
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    Let's talk 401K's.....

    My employer offers various options, not really sure what to pick out. I will put no more than 5k$ a year into it and would like to know which is the best option out there. On the plan of offers, I see mostly different Fidelity investment options, few Morgan Stanley and two Invesco...
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    I want to be a dancer......just going to leave this here....

    Perfect ass or good dancer - YouTube! Close your eyes and imagine the same girl, no jeans..... :bowdown:
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    I miss Dave his funniest stuff!

    Dave Chappelle 2pac Skit I wrote this song in '94 - YouTube! :lol:
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    Dom Mazzetti friggin rules!!!!!!!!! ROFL

    This kid is so on the money it's hilarious. He is poking fun of Jersey Shore guidos and guidos in general. eBHHW-ijxJM PK4BLYwsu7Q aFWz0EDCOdI
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    hahaha. I heard some Russian billionare spent a fortune in NYC the other day and left a 8k in tip money.
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    YouTube - 2003 Cobra YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
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    Bungee jumping in NY or NJ....anyone done it!

    Anyone done it and where? Been wanting it do it for some time but something always got in the way, anyone got any ideas?