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  • I saw an old post where you put an 03/04 cluster in a 2001 Cobra. Is it possible to do without turning PATS off and how well did it work? Do you have a write up or thread link? Thanks for any help!
    Hey man. I saw a thread where you were talking about putting a 15x10 rts on a mustang and have to get new banjo bolts. Slimmer ones for clearence. Do you know of a place where I could get those? Any help would be appreciated!!
    I noticed in a post you said you are a Weld Wheels dealer. I'm hoping you can help me out. I just picked up another coupe, 86 model this time. I'm going to be doing Cobra brakes all the way around and wanting to run Weld S71 wheels on it. I know I can make the rear work, my question is on the front. I'm wanting to stick with a 15" wheel. From what I can tell the 15" runners will work with Cobra brakes correct? My thing is I'm not wanting to go with a runner on the front. Looking to go with a 15x5 or 15x6 if possible. I might be out of luck with the big Cobra brakes with the wider wheel. I assume they would work no problem with stock GT brakes? Any help you can give me would be awesome! Thanks

    hey man, i was looking at your gt500 conversion and it looks sick, what all did you have to order to do this, bumper, grills, fog lights, do the fogs use the same plug as the stocks, is it all just an easy bolt on swap?
    Hey! Just got off the phone with True Forged...I am purchasing a set of wheels from them and he mentioned I might want to talk with you. I have a 03 termi that I am putting a SRA under. It will be custom length to fit the wheels when they come in...IE i will be narrowing the axle to fit the offset that I want. What I want to know is will the MT 345/35/18 on a 11.5" wheel tuck under the body if the fender lip is rolled how much clearancing is needed on the inner tub? Thanks in advance.
    could you give me a call at 972-837-8770 when you get a chance I would like to come look at the cobra this weekend.
    Hey what's up competition saw ur post in wheels for sell section that u might want to sell........ If so I'm really interested please let me know if not could I get some info on back spacing looking to buy set up like yours this week ..... Thanks!!!
    Hey man, think you could hit me up on PM? I sent you one a few days ago about your springs.
    Hey competition, I know stevemcqueen wanted those spacers and if you sent them off to him already that's cool. If not I'll ship out the pony grille emblem if you'll ship out the spacers. Even trade? Whatcha think? Let me know.
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