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  • Hey Dustin, I am interested in buying Bob Trinanes's car.* You had a build thread on it, but all the pictures of your work are gone.* Is there any way you could forward any of the pictures?* Bob has sent me some, but it seems like you had a lot on the build thread.* You build some bad ass stuff, keep up the good work.* Thanks, Eric
    [email protected]
    I've had to reply in to posts my reply was too long apparently. LOL

    Could I purchase 2 of your engine to manifold brackets from you, that would save me heaps of work to start with and a good base to build the headers from. I was going to twin turbo the engine as it will be the easiest way to run exhaust dumps back past the heads and down under the firewall.

    I love reading your threads and your knowledge is there for all to see and you don't mind helping others. Hopefully I've pissed in your pocket enough to get you onside LOL.

    I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction on turbo selection and system design, e.g. where to mount maf and O2 sensors.

    I wish I could post some pics to you of my build even though it's only in the early stages but don't know how.

    Do you think the forum would be interested in what I'm doing if I started a thread about the build even though it's in Australia.

    Hoping you can help me out

    My name is Neil and I live in Australia. I have a build underway using the coyote engine & 6R80 I'm swapping it into my 1970 XW Ford Falcon. These engines are new over here and there is no aftermarket support especially for turbo charging only superchargers. I don't have the room between the engine and the hood to fit a supercharger and I don't want to cut a hole in it to make room. So I have decided to turbocharge the engine. I would like to know if I could buy a set of your turbo headers. Your kit looks great but most of it will not fit my application as it's designed for the new Mustangs. Your headers would give me a good start and I would be able to design the rest of the system to fit my car.

    hoping you can help


    Do you have the tokico D specs for sale still? If so, please contact me. 912-202-6128. You mentioned you had a used pair in my thread the other day..
    if u still have the coyote engine I'm a serious buyer and I have my money cash with me $4200 just let me know or send me ur phone number
    Sorry about that Tim. I don't get notified about these messages. I just happened to come across this. It's been a while since you've been on but if you get this, try this email. [email protected] or call 619-449-1706
    Tim here,

    I was interested in the TT set up your doing for the 500's. I'm having trouble finding out web info on CPR (other than how to bring someone back to life). Perhaps you could pm some info on it, or perhaps a number I can call to talk figures etc. Thanks!
    I am struggling to figure out how to send you a PM on this forum. Can you email me about the H/E and I/C or a quick reply back on PM'ing here?
    hey man, just wanted to say thanks for the advice on the gear pattern.. With enough depth, finally got something that looked nice and centered @ .009 BL. Seems to be good so far!
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