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  • Yeah man they meet Saturday nights around 9:30-10:pm at the D1 sports place on hwy 17 across from the flea market. If you need directions or anything just pm me here for them or I'll give you my number.

    Found an old post from a few years ago of where Mustang guys meet up in Savannah. Shows you online so I figured I'd message you. Do you have any updated information on where they might meet up at? Thanks
    First I'd like to thank you for the help in making it easier for those of us still wanting to do a mod. In the process of getting together all the parts to do an 03-04 eaton mod with a 96 cobra alum block in a 96gt. Winding down on the mechanicals but I was wondering what choices you would make today for the electrics. Mod want you have, do complete 03,04 wiring or go after market? Todays market for stock is about 1000-1400 for ecu, ecu harness , gage harness, engine harness, body harness. Just like to know what todays thoughts might be. Once again thanks for making it easier.
    hey Carlo, this is Karl Cin's friend Dave. I was just checking out the market and saw the 4.6 block and I recognized the Ur name and figured I would say whats up.
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