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    FOR SALE: GEN 4 2.9 Whipple Crusher New in Box

    Just like the title says, brand new in box Gen4 2.9 Crusher. $4750 plus fees & shipping, will meet in Eastern N.C., Southern VA, or Northern S.C. Sold
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    WANTED: ISO 2.9L gen 4 whipple crusher

    I've got a new in box Gen4 2.9 Crusher, $4750 plus fees & shipping
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    I've got a new in box Gen4 2.9 Crusher, have it listed at $4750 plus fees & shipping.
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    The Official BBS RK Plasma Thread

    Mine were plasma but peeling, $1100 just into recoating them in PVD. A nice set would be $2500-$3000 is my guess.
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    ISO ZX5 EAP SVT, Will Have CO EAP SVT 2-Door to sell

    In the market for a 4-Door EAP SVT, any color really, will have a Comp Orange 2-Door EAP for sale when I find one.
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    Sct ba2400

    I upgraded to a BA3000, nothing wrong with it and no issues. Made 478/530 on a stock Eaton. Said to support 650rwhp. $150 will cover shipping and paypal.
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    Sct ba2400

    I went to a bigger setup that uses a BA3000, so this is up for sale. No issues ran great. Made 478/530 on a stock Eaton. Specs say they'll support 650rwhp. $150 shipped and that'll cover PayPal too. Will add picture tonight.
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    Nitto NT05R's 285/40/18 New

    Exactly what the title says. (2) Brand New NT05Rs 285/40/18 $400 picked up in Wisconsin $525 shipped anywhere Discount Tire right now these are $615
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    285/40/18 Nitto NT05R's New

    Exactly what the title says. (2) Brand New NT05Rs 285/40/18 $400 picked up in Wisconsin $525 shipped anywhere Discount Tire right now these are $615
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    Anyone Running a CAI with a KB Behemoth

    Getting ready to do a 2.8 Behemoth install. Trying not to run an exposed under hood filter. I currently have the standard carbon fiber JLT CAI, with small filter. JLT says this smaller filter will limit above 550hp. The new JLT High Boost would put a 12" filter in the fender but I am not...
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    2005 Mustang GT Procharger F1 Panhandle Motor

    2005 Mustang GT/Saleen Procharger F1, 6spd, 675 rwhp Up for sale is a 2005 Mustang GT w/ a Stage 2 Saleen package. I have a folder that contains info for every part put on it, engine blueprints/specs, receipts, etc. The car was completely rebuilt in 2010 w/ 41k miles. 7k miles on new motor, 9k...
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    WTB Drag Big and Skinny Set-up for 03/04 Cobra

    Looking for a set of bigs and littles that will work on my 03/04 Cobra. It still has the IRS, but has rolled fenders and I have no problem grinding the rear calipers if you can tell me they will fit. Let me know what you have, pictures on a car would help, with or without tires is ok too...
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    WTB: 87-94 Struts

    I think I am bottoming out the Bilsteins on my Cobra and want to try some Fox Body struts as the body's are shorter, let me know what you have anything from stock take-offs to aftermarket drag struts will work. PM or email me.
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    Extremely Rough Ride after K-member, A-Arms, and C/C Install

    I recently installed an AJE K-member with a-arms, this was his universal 99-04 Mustang k-member so it uses a solid motor mount, I also used AJE's new C/C plate that mounts under the strut tower. The car still has the Bilstein's and has H&R Springs. Everything rode fine until this swap...